The Writings of Israel Shamir

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Israel Shamir's personal web site. An archive of his writings.

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Started: 24 August 2001
Founder: Israel Shamir

Founder/Owner: Israel Shamir
In its own words:
"A leading Russian Israeli writer, is a champion of the "One Man, One Vote, One State" solution seeking to unite Palestine & Israel in one democratic state. Shamir's work and that of his contributors speaks to the aspirations of both the Israelis and the Palestinians seeking an end to the bloodshed, true democracy and lasting peace."

The Writings of Israel Shamir is the website of the Israeli-Russian writer Israel Shamir. His writings - highly readable - frequently touches on deep politics.


A document sourced from The Writings of Israel Shamir

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Collateral Damage 911report9-11
Project Hammer
The Enterprise
Financial fraud
Barrick Gold
1 September 2010E. P. HeidnerHow 9/11 buried "the biggest financial crimes in history". An analysis of the highly complex web of US/UK covert operations and criminal banking activities going back to WW2, suggesting Western complicity in the collapse of the Soviet Union and the subsequent looting of Soviet industry. The ostensible settlement/roll-over for these instruments were dated through September 2001 and would have clinched several high-level criminal investigations had they been allowed to settle normally.
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