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A video sharing platform

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Founders: Zach Klein, Jake Lodwick

Vimeo is a video sharing website similar to YouTube.


Gabe Hoffman produced Open Secret, which helped expose the business of Hollywood VIPaedophile. She decided to make her film freely available on Vimeo, in order to “celebrate the brave women who have exposed Harvey [Weinstein].”[1]

Vimeo on Wikispooks

Some people on Wikispooks have Vimeo pages, semantically represented by the property:Has vimeo:

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"Rebekah Roth" well received by the 9-11 Truth movement, 'Rebekah Roth' has become a focus of doubt, with many activists questioning both her motives and bona-fides.
Tom Secker Secker is a UK-based writer, researcher and filmmaker with a special interest in the events of 7/7
Dominik Suter