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Founder/Owner ofForeign Policy Journal
Interests • Palestine
• vaccines
• Big Pharma
Recipient of the Project Censored 2010 Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism.

Not to be confused with the hacker Jeremy Hammond

Jeremy R. Hammond is an independent political analyst and recipient of the Project Censored 2010 Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism. [1]

He is the founding editor of Foreign Policy Journal, an online source for world news, political analysis, and opinion commentary from outside the standard framework offered by the commercially-controlled media.

Having previously written of economic issues and Palestine, his work has later focused on the topic of vaccines and how the entire medical establishment is corrupt to its core and “public health” has become a euphemism for “whatever is in the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry”.

Own words

My writings empower readers with the knowledge they need to see through state propaganda intended to manufacture their consent for criminal government policies.

By recognizing when we are being lied to and why, we can fight effectively for liberty, peace, and justice, in order to create a better world for ourselves, our children, and future generations of humanity.


Some of them are published only as e-books.[2]

  • Oregon Medical Board Suspends Dr. Paul Thomas for Practicing Informed Consent
  • Obstacle to Peace
  • The US Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  • Exposing a Zionist Hoax
  • Benny Morris’s Untenable Denial of the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine
  • The Rejection of Palestinian Self-Determination
  • Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman


A Document by Jeremy R. Hammond

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)
Document:The Myth of the UN Creation of Israelarticle19 February 2011Israel
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