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In an era of identity politics where every conceivable ethnic, religious and cultural identity is promoted by its members/adherents as a means of securing recognition for whatever their purpose ju-jour, "White" identity is the only one where this is NOT allowed. It is a taboo subject and thus suitable for exploration on Wikispooks

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Started: 27 November 2008
Founder: Kevin MacDonald

Founder/Owner: Kevin MacDonald
In its own words:
"The Occidental Observer will present original content touching on the themes of white identity, white interests, and the culture of the West. Such a mission statement is sure to be dismissed as extremism of the worst sort in today’s intellectual climate—perhaps even as a sign of psychiatric disorder. Yet there is a compelling need for such a site. A great many other identifiable groups in the multicultural West have a strong sense of identity and interest, but overt expressions of white identity and white interests (or European-American identity and interests) are rarely found among the peoples who founded these societies and who continue to make up the majority....

We are highly cognizant of the fact that many of the most strident critics of the legitimacy of white identity and interests have a strong sense of their own ethnic identity and interests. And they have a deep sense of the importance of preserving their people and culture. Non-Western peoples throughout the world continue to seek political power, and they attempt to control their borders, establish their own cultures, and defend their perceived interests.

Societies in Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand that have been controlled by whites for hundreds of years are the only ones to accept their own demise as a moral imperative. We view this outcome as the result of competition over the construction of culture in which the legitimate interests of whites have been compromised.

The Occidental Observer will attempt to rectify that. Major themes will be the bankruptcy of the current culture of the West, the powerful forces of political orthodoxy, and the debasement of the political process in the areas of both foreign and domestic policy. [1]"

Paypal account terminated

On 27 October 2017 Professor Kevin MacDonald announced that Paypal, in another of its long list of arbitrarily imposed acts of politically correct spite, had terminated the Occidental Observer account, rendering donations in support of the site problematical [2]


Documents sourced from Occidental Observer

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:David Cameron in the Knesset. March 2014articleBenjamin Netanyahu
David Cameron
Israel-UK relations
26 March 2014Francis Carr BegbieA brief run down on the espionage involvement of Israeli firms active in the UK and US on the occasion of the visit of UK PM David Cameron to Israel on 12 March 2014
Document:Doreen and Karen – a tale of two mothersarticleMind control
Doreen Lawrence
Karen Downes
15 August 2013Francis Carr BegbieA startling and telling comparison of the treatment of two horrific racially-motivated murders by the UK Establishment.
Document:Nationalists, Jews and the Ukrainian Crisis: Some Historical PerspectivearticleJudaic power
2014 Ukraine coup
8 March 2014Andrew JoyceHistorical analysis of the conflicting roles of Ukrainian nationalism and the Jewish population/interests in the country.
Document:The Labour Party turns on the Israel LobbyarticleLabour Party
Jeremy Corbyn
19 August 2015Francis Carr BegbieA useful analysis of the paranoia of the Jewish-dominated British Establishment and its media at the prospect of the Labour Party being led by someone who is not 'de-rigeur' subservient to the Israel Lobby
Document:The Monstrous Winston ChurchillarticleWinston Churchill
Judaic history
Katyn massacre
15 April 2010Kevin MacDonaldA brief introduction to Judaic influence on the career of Winston Churchill
Document:The Unstable Alliance of Nationalists and “Mainly Jewish Oligarchs” in the Ukrainearticle2014 Ukraine coup13 March 2014Kevin MacDonaldThe coalition of ultra-nationalist forces and the mainly Jewish oligarch wealth that has both financed the Ukrainian putsch and provided its 'interim prime minister' and several regional governors, is a very unstable one.
File:Stalin's willing executioners.pdfbook reviewJudaic power
The Bolsheviks
2005Kevin MacDonaldAn extended review of The Jewish Century, a 2004 book by Jewish academic Yuri Slezkine which deals in some depth with the issue of Jewish involvement in the Bolshevik revolution
From Communist to NeoconservativereviewDavid Aaronovitch25 February 2016Francis Carr BegbieReview and critique of David Aaronovitch's book "Party Animals" exposing its selective, partisan presentation of the Post WWII Communist Party of Great Britain and the glossed-over Jewish domination of its membership.
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  1. Occidental Observer - Mission Statement
  2. Terminated by PayPal. Also a New Mailbox The Occidental Observer 27 February 2017