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Status: stable
This property is for imdb URLs

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      IMDB URLs of people
  • Predicate:  Has imdb
  • Object:        URLs of people's IMDB pages (type URL)

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Page nameHas imdb
Frederick Hitz
Shirley Temple
Oliver Stone
Terry Gilliam
Tupac Shakur
Gore Vidal
Bill Clinton
Philip K. Dick
Ronald Reagan
Fidel Castro
Walter Cronkite
Gerald Ford
G. Gordon Liddy
John Lennon
Bella Abzug
Tariq Ali
Jacques Attali
Carl Bernstein
Joe Biden
Robert Boothby
Robert Bourassa
Madeleine Brown
George H. W. Bush
George W. Bush
Jimmy Carter
Dick Cheney
Noam Chomsky
Hillary Clinton
Calvin Coolidge
Mario Cuomo
Inês de Medeiros
John Dean
Thomas Dewey
Allen Dulles
Lucie Faure
Mary Ferrell
Joschka Fischer
Alberto Nogueira
Allan Francovich
Barbara Frum
J. William Fulbright
Jim Garrison
Bill Gates
Sam Giancana
Françoise Giroud
Rudy Giuliani
Marcella Glisenti
Peter Glotz
Felipe Gonzalez
Richard N. Goodwin
Al Gore
Robert J. Groden
Bernard Guetta
Joseph Harsch
Orrin Hatch
Tom Hayden
Mike Hoare
Jimmy Hoffa
Barbara Honegger
Herbert Hoover
J. Edgar Hoover
Hubert Humphrey
Walter Isaacson
Peter Jennings
Lyndon Johnson
Ted Kennedy
John Kerry
Ruhollah Khomeini
Nikita Khrushchev
Martin Luther King
Henry Kissinger
Herman Kling
Jonathan Kwitny
Mark Lane
David Lifton
Russell Long
Marita Lorenz
David MacMichael
Margarida Marante
Jim Marrs
John J. McCloy
George McGovern
William McKinley
John McMurtry
Robert McNamara
Walter Mondale
Michael Moore
Curt Nicolin
Richard Nixon
Oliver North
Christine Ockrent
Lee Harvey Oswald
Aurelio Peccei
Claiborne Pell
Steve Pieczenik
Colin Powell
Fletcher Prouty
Jordi Pujol
Michael Rivero
Nelson Rockefeller
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt
Charlie Rose
Johnny Roselli
Carlo Rossella
Joseph Rotblat
Jack Ruby
Mona Sahlin
Norman Schwarzkopf
Peter Dale Scott
Bobby Seale
Philippe Seguin
Mobutu Sese Seko
Clay Shaw
Peter Sissons
Charlie Skelton
Arlen Specter
Lesley Stahl
Joseph Stilwell
Santo Trafficante
Donald Trump
Ted Turner
Ola Ullsten
Felix von Eckardt
Earl Warren
Hans Werthen
Woodrow Wilson
Bob Woodward
Barrie Zwicker
Lionel Jospin
Jean-Luc Dehaene
Brian Williams
David Ferrie
Joe Lieberman
Alex Jones
Anne Widdecome
Warren G. Harding
Osama bin Laden
William Howard Taft
Mark Crispin Miller
William J. Bennett
Andrea Mitchell
Harold E. Ford
Harold Ford
Pierre Péan
Daniel Hopsicker
Herbert Pundik
Alexandre Adler
Thomas Klestil
Ferdinand Marcos
Karl Rove
Erhard Busek
Ernest-Antoine Seillière
Ernest-Antoine Seilliere
Walter Scheel
Bill Bradley
Lothar Späth
Jean-François Copé
Otto Krag
Günther Verheugen
Robert Shapiro
Tedo Japaridze
Julia Jäkel
Jose Eduardo Moniz
Søren Pind
Diederik Samsom
Amy Goodman
Loik le Floch-Prigent
Grover Norquist
Mary Ann Sieghart
Frank de Grave
Hans-Heinrich Herwarth von Bittenfeld
Andrew Breitbart
Greg Palast
Relus ter Beek
Ray McGovern
Jeb Bush
Tessa Blackstone
Teresa Heinz
Joe Scarborough
Barack Obama
Michael Ruppert
Ayman al-Zawahri
Thierry Meyssan
Andreas von Bülow
Pierre-Henri Bunel
Esko Aho
Hubert Vedrine
Kurt Biedenkopf
Morris Tabaksnlat
Bert Koenders
Christine Lagarde
Graeme MacQueen
Esperanza Aguirre y Gil de Biedma
Federico Trillo Figueroa
Pete Brewton
Marvin Bush
Neil Bush
Prescott Bush
Pierre Lellouche
Wayne Madsen
Nicolas Beytout
Kay Bailey Hutchison
Fareed Zakaria
James Howard Kunstler
Benjamin Harrison
Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed
Michel Chossudovsky
Frank Bsirske
Dave von Kleist
Johann Koss
Elias Davidsson
Larry Silverstein
Monica Crowley
Ken Dornstein
Ingemund Bengtsson
Bill de Blasio
Erik Hoffmeyer
Jürgen Trittin
Claude Imbert
Narcis Serra
Maxime Verhagen
Michel Noir
Siv Jensen
Jozias J. van Aartsen
Per Egil Hegge
Eero Heinäluoma
Karl Carstens
Cynthia McKinney
Jeremy Greenstock
Fritz Molden
Erwin Teufel
Laurens Jan Brinkhorst
Laurens-Jan Brinkhorst
Alexander Pechtold
Henning Voschherau
Israel Asper
Franz Vranitzky
Friedbert Pflüger
Wolfgang Schüssel
Hugo Portisch
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Melinda Gates
Walter Kielholz
Per Haekkerup
Steven E. Jones
Hans-Peter Keitel
Lorie Van Auken
Kyle Hence
Chris Hedges
George Weidenfeld
Dick Benschop
Eldon Griffiths
Kevin Ryan
David Ray Griffin
Anton Setchell
Karim Sadjadpour
Catherine Austin Fitts
Gary Aguirre
G. Edward Griffin
Loyola de Palacio
Luke Rudkowski
Ad Melkert
Elco Brinkman
Paul Stehlin
Jan Peter Balkenende
Clive Ponting
Frans Timmermans
Giles Radice
Norman Pearlstine
Ben Verwaayen
Jiri Pehe
Alfred Gussenbauer
Alfred Gusenbauer
Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría Antón
Siegmar Mosdorf
Ekkehard Schulz
Kalevi Sorsa
Hubert Beuve-Mery
Steven Rattner
Carlos Ferrer Salat
Jesus de Polanco
Paavo Lipponen
Arno Penzias
John Lenczowski
Niels Harrit
Manuela Ferreira Leite
Alpo Rusi
A. S. Monroney
Richard Gage
J. H. van Roijen
Hugh Gaitskell
Stephanos Manos
Pertti Voutilainen
Thanos Veremis
Vasco Graça Moura
Wolfgang Petritsch
Janne Virkkunen
Morehead Patterson
Manlio Brosio
Antoine Pinay
Saleyha Ahsan
Ed Kronenburg
Herman Wijffels
Claude Bebear
Jean-Bernard Raimond
Helene Carrere D'encausse
François Lenglet
Heinrich Treichl
Josef Taus
Harry van den Bergh
Schelto Patijn
Rui Rio
Phil Shiner
Claus Raidl
Christoffer Taxell
Scott Noble
Ralph Enckell
Nuno Rodrigues dos Santos
Joris Voorhoeve
Ramon Cortines
Mahathir Mohamad
Henri Nallet
Duncan Sandys
François-Henri Pinault
Ian Hay Davison
Milton Allimadi
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Annie Lööf
Kirk Wiebe
Ramón de Miguel
Richard Grove
Karen House
Fayez Banihammad
Peter Righton
William C Chasey
Jean-Yves Ollivier
Sven Aspling
Brian Gerrish
Michael Palliser
François Pérol
David Hoffman
U. E. Baughman
Mark Koernke
Jacques de Bourbon Busset
Keith Officer
Marc Ullmann
Franck Riboud
Muharrem Kayhan
Bernard Esambert
Claude de Kemoularia
John Hope
Metin Toker
Lars Heikensten
Ulrich Grillo
Phillip Karber
Kjetil Alstadheim
Jens Ulltveit-Moe
Thomas Prinzhorn
Kurt Sonnenfeld
Ferdinando Imposimato
Lance deHaven-Smith
Cor Van Der Klugt
Olli-Pekka Heinonen
Ernst Majonica
Staffan Burenstam Linder
Giuseppe Glisenti
Vincenzo Vinciguerra
Ugo Stille
Gaston Defferre
Fabio Luca Cavazza
Brazil (film)
Operation Gladio (film)
Paulo Portas
Kirsten Gillibrand

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Bella Abzug +  +
Alexandre Adler +  +
Gary Aguirre +  +
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad +  +
Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed +  +
Esko Aho +  +
Saleyha Ahsan +  +
Tariq Ali +  +
Milton Allimadi +  +
Kjetil Alstadheim +  +
Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría Antón +  +
Israel Asper +  +
Sven Aspling +  +
Jacques Attali +  +
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Jan Peter Balkenende +  +
Fayez Banihammad +  +
U. E. Baughman +  +
Claude Bebear +  +
Relus ter Beek +  +
Ingemund Bengtsson +  +
William J. Bennett +  +
Dick Benschop +  +
Harry van den Bergh +  +
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