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Born30 January 1919
Died12 April 2000 (Age 81)
PartySwedish Social Democratic Party
Swedish politician. Attended the 1971 Bilderberg conference. Responsible for the UN Environment Conference in Stockholm in 1972. {

Sten Bertil Ingemund Bengtsson was a Swedish Social democratic politician, and Speaker of the Riksdag from 1979 to 1988.

In addition to this, he sat in the UN General Assembly 1963–1967 and was responsible for the UN Environment Conference in Stockholm in 1972, which is regarded as a milestone in modern environmental history.

Early life

He was born 30 January 1919 in Veddige under simple conditions. He moved to Varberg and started working at the Monark bicycle factory at age 15. He went on to become a prominent figure in local politics before he was elected as a Member of Parliament in 1951. He was Minister of Agriculture 1969–1973, Minister of the Interior 1973 and Minister of Employment 1974-1976 before being elected as Speaker of the Parliament in 1979.

Bengtsson was interested in languages and showed great interest in Esperanto, which he maintained from his youth. He also spoke very good English and French. On his train journeys between Varberg and Stockholm, he devoted himself to language studies and in 1972 was able to hold the presidency in French at the UN Environment Conference in Stockholm.

Bengtsson also performed the duties of Regent ad Interim 2–3 July 1988. When the King of Sweden is prevented to perform his duties as Head of State, for reasons of illness, travel or other, and when no other member of the Royal House, who is in the line of succession, is present within the realm, the Government issues a decree that establishes a Regent ad interim who will uphold the duties as Head of State for the duration of His Majesty's incapacity.

He died on 12 April 2000. He is buried with his wife Anna-Lisa (1919–1991) in Varberg.


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