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A list of Bilderbergers born from 1970 to 1979

This list does not contain the "observers" of the meetings.

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Susan Athey29 November 1970USUS economist, one time Bilderberger
Egemen Bagiş23 April 1970TurkeyBilderberg Turkish politician
Vendeline von BredowApril 1970GermanMulti-Bilderberger journalist
Kathalijne Buitenweg27 March 1970NetherlandsDutch politician who attended her first Bilderberg in 2019.
François-Philippe Champagne25 June 1970CanadaCanadian Bilderberger politician, lawyer
Harold Ford11 May 1970US
Édouard Philippe28 November 1970FranceAttended the 2016 Bilderberg. Became Prime Minister of France in 2017.
Hélène Rey1970FranceSingle Bilderberger Institut Montaigne economist
Silvija Seres28 June 1970NorwayBusiness consultant, many board positions. 2019 Bilderberg. From 2020 member of NATO's high-level advisory board on innovation and disruptive technologies.
Kristen Silverberg1970US
Kevin Warsh13 April 1970US



Isabel Albers22 November 1971BelgiumBelgian editor-in-chief
Paula Amorim21 January 1971PortugalPortuguese businesswoman
Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría Antón10 June 1971SpainDeputy Prime Minister of Spain until the day she attended the 2018 Bilderberg
Gerald Butts8 July 1971Canada
Máxima Zorreguieta Cerruti17 May 1971DutchDutch royalty
Mikael Damberg13 October 1971SwedenSewdish single Bilderberg politician
Sharon Dijksma16 April 1971NetherlandsDutch politician who attended the 2016 Bilderberg
Sergei Guriev21 October 1971RussianRussian born but working in France, Single Bilderberg banker economist
Julia Jäkel13 November 1971GermanGerman publisher who attended the 2015 and 2016 Bilderbergs.
Jyrki Katainen14 October 1971FinlandTriple Bilderberger Finnish PM
Danica Kragić10 August 1971Croatian?Single Bilderberg robotics researcher
George Osborne23 May 1971UKSuspected UK deep politician, heavy Bilderberg habit,
Carlo Ratti1971Italy
Pamela Rendi-Wagner7 May 1971Austria
Diederik Samsom10 July 1971Netherlands
Jorge Moreira da Silva24 April 1971Portugal
Bård Vegar Solhjell22 December 1971NorwayNorwegian Bilderberger politician
Katrin Suder27 September 1971German



Mustafa Akyol1972TurkeySingle Bilderberg Turkish journalist and author
Sonia Arrison8 September 1972USUS futurist author. Attended the 2010 Bilderberg
Audrey Azoulay4 August 1972FranceUNESCO Director-General
Alexandre Bompard4 October 1972FranceSingle Bilderberg French businessman.
Selin Sayek Böke24 August 1972Turkey
US born Turkish politician who attended the 2015 Bilderberg
Simon Coveney16 June 1972EireSingle Bilderberger Irish politician
Yasmine Kherbache3 April 1972Belgium
Paula Lehtomaki29 November 1972FinlandFinnish single Bilderberger
Jānis Sārts28 July 1972LatviaLatvian propagandist with some deep state connections.
Rafal Trzaskowski17 January 1972Poland



Stacey Abrams9 December 1973USAmerican politician and lawyer
Aslı Aydıntaşbaş24 February 1973TurkeyTurkish journalist, deep state connections
Nick Bostrom10 March 1973SwedenSweden philosopher who first attended the Bilderberg in 2019.
Thomas Buberl24 March 1973GermanGerman Bilderberg money manager
Bjarne Corydon1 March 1973DenmarkSingle Bilderberg Danish Finance Minister
Richard Engel16 September 1973USCorporate media outlet NBC News' chief foreign correspondent, manufacturing American public opinion for deep state interests. Works with Bellingcat too.
Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert7 April 1973NetherlandsDutch Defence Minister, connected to the 2015 Hawija bombing, lied about knowledge of any deaths and covered-up any juridical complicity with Mark Rutte & Bert Koenders.
Haakon Magnus20 July 1973NorwayNorwegian royalty who attended the 2011 Bilderberg
Megan McArdle29 January 1973USBilderberger editor
Fernando Medina10 March 1973Portugalup-and-coming Portuguese politician
Fleur Pellerin29 August 1973France
Matthew Pottinger1973USNational security Bilderberg and coronavirus task force
Rory Stewart3 January 1973UKMI6, Cercle, Bilderberg, UK DSO, Politician
Tom Tugendhat27 June 1973France
Suspected UK deep state functionary, MP, Bilderberg 2019, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, floated de facto mandatory Covid-19 vaccination in November 2020.



Dominique Anglade31 January 1974CanadaCanadian politician, Deputy Premier of Quebec, promoted the COVID-19 official narrative
Laurent Bigorgne20 October 1974FranceFrench essayist. Attended the 2015 Bilderberg
Christophe Béchu11 June 1974FranceSingle Bilderberg French politician
Paschal Donohoe19 September 1974EireIrish Finance Minister
Tove Lifvendahl1974SwedenTrilateral Commission, Single Bilderberg, political commentator
Peter Warren Singer1974USBrookings expert on 21st century warfare



Ana Brnabić28 September 1975SerbiaPrime Minister of Serbia responsible for the early leak of the 2018 Bilderberg
George Logothetis18 January 1975UK
Christa Markwalder27 July 1975SwitzerlandAttended Bilderberg as President of the Swiss National Council. Handpicked as a Young Leader throughout her career by mighty interests.
Charles Michel21 December 1975BelgiumAttended 3 Bilderbergs during the 2010s while Prime Minister of Belgium
Maria Rankka9 August 1975SwedenBilderberger
Matteo Renzi11 January 1975ItalyItalian ex-Prime Minister
Jutta Urpilainen4 August 1975Finland



John Elkann1 April 1976ItalyItalian/US billionaire businessman with heavy Bilderberg habit. 21st Century Council, European Round Table of Industrialists
Etienne Gernelle3 May 1976FranceFrench editor who went to the 2016 Bilderberg
Demis Hassabis27 July 1976UKDialled into a SAGE meeting at the request of Dominic Cummings. First Bilderberg in 2015
Andrew Ng1976US
Şafak Pavey10 July 1976Turkey



René Benko20 May 1977AustriaAustrian billionaire businessman who attended the 2015-2017 Bilderbergs
Tom Cotton13 May 1977USThe most Hawkish senator in US Congress. Elected, funded and guided by AIPAC, advocates war crimes, jailing kids and aunts for "corruption of blood". Tried very infamously to sabotage the Iran Nuclear Deal.
Emmanuel Macron21 December 1977France



Michael Horowitz1978USCFR. Young, spooky academic. First Bilderberg in 2018.
Pierre Maudet6 March 1978SwitzerlandSwiss politician who attended the 2015 Bilderberg
Jacob Mchangama1978DenmarkDanish lawyer who attended the 2012 Bilderberg
Jüri Ratas2 July 1978EstoniaPrime Minister of Estonia double Bilderberger



Albert Rivera Díaz15 November 1979SpainSpanish politician
Christian Lindner7 January 1979GermanGerman politician who attended the 2013 Bilderberg and was made Leader of the Free Democratic Party some months later
Sean Parker3 December 1979USCo-founder of Napster, first president of Facebook, the first to gain NIH approval for a CRISPR trial

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