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HeadquartersNew York City
Type• Broadcast television network (1939–present) Radio network (1926–1992
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SloganMore Colorful.
US corporate media outlet


“Dr Joseph Fair appeared at least 10 times on NBC and MSNBC over the last two months to share his fight against Covid-19 with the networks’ viewers. His television appearances – including an interview from his hospital bed – fueled panic about the illness. Describing himself as a fit and healthy 42-year-old, Fair claimed in May that he had absorbed the virus through his eyes while on a flight. As it turns out, there is no reason to believe he ever contracted the virus.”
' [1]

War Profiteers

Global Research reports on an investigation by the Public Accountability Initiative into the TV appearances of a set of war pundits with known toes to weapons manufacturers which found that out of "16 appearances on NBC or its umbrella networks, attempts at disclosure were made five times."[2]


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Claire Sterling“The Judith Miller-like journalist in those days who spun the story about Agca's Soviet Bloc connections was Claire Sterling, whose disinformation was quickly picked up by The Reader's Digest, New York Times, NBC News, and other mainstream media outlets.”Claire Sterling
Wayne Madsen
28 May 2007


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