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Bilderberg 2016.jpg
A protest sign outside Bilderberg/2016 in Dresden, Germany
Date9 June 2016 - 12 June 2016
LocationDresden,  Germany
ParticipantsHenri de Castries, Ahmed Aboutaleb, Paul Achleitner, Marcus Agius, Thomas Ahrenkiel, Maria Luís Albuquerque, César Alierta, Roger C. Altman, Sam Altman, Magdalena Andersson, Anne Applebaum, Matti Apunen, Senem Aydin-Düzgit, Patricia Barbizet, José Manuel Barroso, Nicolas Baverez, Yoshua Bengio, René Benko, Franco Bernabè, Ben van Beurden, Olivier Blanchard, Ana P. Botín, Svein Richard Brandtzæg, Philip Breedlove, Børge Brende, William Burns, Juan Luis Cebrián, Emmanuelle Charpentier, Benoît Coeuré, Claudio Costamagna, David M. Cote, John Cryan, Marta Dassù, Sharon Dijksma, Mathias Döpfner, Christian Dyvig, Thomas Ebeling, John Elkann, Thomas Enders, Richard Engel, Laurent Fabius, Ulrik Federspiel, Roger W. Ferguson, Niall Ferguson, Douglas J. Flint, Luis Garicano, Kristalina Georgieva, Etienne Gernelle, Carlos Gomes da Silva, Helen Goodman, Sylvie Goulard, Lindsey Graham, Ulrich Grillo, Lilli Gruber, Chris Hadfield, Victor Halberstadt, Dido Harding, Demis Hassabis, Mellody Hobson, Reid Hoffman, Timotheus Höttges, Kenneth M. Jacobs, Julia Jäkel, James A. Johnson, Conni Jonsson, Vernon Jordan, Joe Kaeser, Alex Karp, Carsten Kengeter, John Kerr, Yasmine Kherbache, Henry A. Kissinger, Klaus Kleinfeld, Henry R. Kravis, Marie-Josée Kravis, André Kudelski, Christine Lagarde, Richard Levin, Ursula von der Leyen, Thomas Leysen, George Logothetis, Thomas de Maizière, Divesh Makan, Scott Malcomson, Christa Markwalder, Megan McArdle, Charles Michel, John Micklethwait, Zanny Minton Beddoes, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Bill Morneau, Craig Mundie, Charles A. Murray, Willem-Alexander Ferdinand, Michael Noonan, Peggy Noonan, Michael O'Leary, Kajsa Ollongren, Soli Özel, Dimitri Papalexopoulos, David Petraeus, Edouard Philippe, Søren Pind, Carlo Ratti, Heather M. Reisman, Mark Rutte, John Sawers, Wolfgang Schäuble, Andreas Schieder, Eric E. Schmidt, Rudolf Scholten, Klaus Schwab, Radoslaw Sikorski, Mehmet Simsek, Hans-Werner Sinn, Kristin Skogen Lund, Guy Standing, Carl-Henric Svanberg, Peter A. Thiel, Stanislaw Tillich, Martin Vetterli, Björn Wahlroos, Jacob Wallenberg, Beatrice Weder di Mauro, Martin H. Wolf
PerpetratorsBilderberg/Steering committee
DescriptionThe 2016 Bilderberg meeting took place in Dresden, Germany.

The 2016 Bilderberg meeting took place in Dresden, Germany. The 125 guests included 45 business executives, 28 politicians, 7 financiers, 16 editors/journalists and 9 academics. The next meeting was the 2017 Bilderberg.


On 10 June 2016, Tony Gosling reported live from the 2016 Bilderberg conference in Dresden, Germany with guests:


  1. Current events
  2. China
  3. Europe: migration, growth, reform, vision, unity
  4. Middle East
  5. Russia
  6. US political landscape, economy: growth, debt, reform
  7. Cyber security
  8. Geo-politics of energy and commodity prices
  9. Precariat and middle class
  10. Technological innovation[2]


Known Participants

121 of the 125 of the participants already have pages here:

Ahmed AboutalebMayor of Rotterdam. Attended the 2016 Bilderberg
Paul AchleitnerAustrian banker businessman with deep state connections.
Marcus AgiusBilderberg trustees, Chairman of Barclays and of the British Bankers Association
Thomas AhrenkielDouble Bilderberg Danish govt spook, Director of Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste
Maria Luís AlbuquerquePortuguese Minister of Finance 2013-15 who introduced "reform" program in agreement with big banks, including Morgan Stanley. Attended Bilderberg 2016. Joined Morgan Stanley board in 2022.
César AliertaDouble Bilderberger Spanish businessman
Roger AltmanUS Banker, Bilderberg Steering Committee
Sam AltmanYoung visitor to the 2016 Bilderberg
Magdalena AnderssonAttended the 2016 Bilderberg as Swedish finance minister. Supporter of the Great Reset who was briefly Prime Minister of Sweden.
Anne ApplebaumIntegrity Initiative/Cluster/UK/Inner Core, didn’t think that Hunter Biden's laptop qualified as a major news story.
Matti ApunenHexabilderberg Finnish business lobbyist
Senem Aydın-DüzgitSingle Bilderberger academic who published about COVID-19
Patricia BarbizetProminent figure in the French business world
José Manuel BarrosoBilderberg Steering committee, President of the European Commission
Nicolas BaverezBilderberg Steering committee. French proponent of transatlantic neoliberal globalization. Believes that for the masses, "time freed up by shorter working hours means conjugal violence - and alcoholism on top of that."
Zanny Minton BeddoesFinancial journalist, Bilderberger, IMF economist under Jeffrey Sachs
Yoshua BengioDeep learning and Artificial Intelligence expert who attended the 2016 Bilderberg
René BenkoAustrian billionaire businessman who attended the 2015-2017 Bilderbergs
Franco BernabèItalian banker and manager, Steering Committee of the Bilderberg
Ben van BeurdenPenta Bilderberger, attended the WEF/Annual Meeting/2020, Shell CEO, European Round Table of Industrialists
Olivier BlanchardFrench economist, Fred Bergsten Senior Fellow at Peterson Institute
Ana BotínHead of Santander Group, who claimed that COVID-19 Vaccines are “the most effective 2021 economic policy.”
Svein Richard BrandtzægMember of the Bilderberg Steering committee.
Philip BreedloveSupreme Allied Commander Europe
Børge BrendeBilderberg Steering Committee, President of the World Economic Forum 2017-
William BurnsPoly Bilderberger US diplomat, US/Deputy Secretary of State
Henri de Castries"French President of Bilderberg"
Juan Luis CebriánSpanish media mogul with a heavy Bilderberg habit.
Emmanuelle CharpentierGM researcher who advanced CRISPR gene editing. Attended the 2016 Bilderberg
Claudio CostamagnaItalian financier/businessman
David CoteUS single Bilderberger millionaire businessman
John CryanUK businessman who attended the 2016 Bilderberg as Deutsche Bank CEO. Proponent of abolition of cash.
Benoît CœuréTri-Bilderberg member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank. BIS
Marta DassùDeep state connected general director of the international activities of Aspen Institute Italy. NATO, Trilateral Commission, European Council on Foreign Relations, International Institute for Strategic Studies...
Sharon DijksmaDutch politician who attended the 2016 Bilderberg
Christian DyvigDanish Bilderberger lawyer. Son of Peter Dyvig
Mathias DöpfnerCEO of mightiest media group in Germany and Europe, Axel Springer SE, member of the Bilderberg Steering Committee and other transatlantic networks, most notably Atlantik-Brücke. Became billionaire after receiving gift from elderly widow.
Thomas EbelingSingle Bilderberg German businessman - tobacco, Pepsi, Novartis pharmaceuticals, media executive. Member of Atlantik-Brücke.
John ElkannItalian/US billionaire businessman with heavy Bilderberg habit. 21st Century Council, European Round Table of Industrialists
Tom EndersAtlantik-Brücke, American Council on Germany/Young Leaders, Bilderberg/Steering committee, Munich Security Conference/Advisory Council ...
Richard EngelCorporate media outlet NBC News' chief foreign correspondent, manufacturing American public opinion for deep state interests. Works with Bellingcat too.
Laurent FabiusFrench politician who attended the 1994 and 2016 Bilderbergs
Ulrik FederspielDanish diplomat, Bilderberg Steering committee
Willem-Alexander FerdinandDutch royalty. Bilderberg
Niall FergusonPoly Bilderberger Hoover Institution Fellow historian, WEF YGL 2005, attended the WEF/Annual Meeting/2020
Roger FergusonUS economist, Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, 3 Bilderbergs in the late 2010s
Douglas J. FlintHSBC chair, multi-Bilderberg
Kristalina GeorgievaBilderberg World Bank
Etienne GernelleFrench editor who went to the 2016 Bilderberg
Helen GoodmanUK MP who attended the 2016 Bilderberg
... further results
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