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Concept.png Twitter/Censorship
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Twitter, like other corporate tech. giants, does censor content.

Twitter has removed content for reasons other than indecency. This article is primarily about censorship by Twitter, although it also mentions censorship of Twitter.


The Grayzone reported in December 2019 that Ben Nimmo and the DFRLab prompted Twitter (and Facebook) to delete hundreds of accounts.[1]

3rd Rail topics

Twitter is active in censoring the content of the 3rd rail topics such as the accusations of Isaac Kappy[2] Dark Overlord document leak about 9-11.[3][4]

Ghost banning

In December 2016 Craig Murray was "ghost banned" by Twitter, resulting in a 90% decrease in traffic to his site from that site.[5] Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, reported in 2017 that he had been "shadowbanned" because of his writings about Donald Trump.[6]

"Hate Speech"

Ray Blanchard Twitter Censorship.jpg

On May 31, 2016, Twitter agreed with Facebook, Google and Microsoft to a European Union code of conduct obligating them to review "[the] majority of valid notifications for removal of illegal hate speech" posted on their services within 24 hours.[7]

In 2019, Ray Blanchard, a scientist with a global reputation in the field of gender dysphoria found that his account had been suspended after he published his opinions on the topic.[8]

Removal of accounts

In July 2019, after "the wildly successful Unity4J online vigils in which which well-known Assange defenders would appear to speak out against his persecution", the Unity4J account was removed from Twitter.[9]

ZeroHedge reported in January 2020 that their Twitter account had been suspended.[10]

Censorship of Twitter

Twitter has been censored in Turkey.[11] In February 2016, it was claimed that Twitter had closed around 125,000 accounts since mid 2015 for "for threatening or promoting terrorist acts, primarily related to ISIS."[12]

In 2019, Twitter was complying with requests for content removal from the Turkish government.[13]


Related Quotation

Integrity Initiative/Leak/3“Find ways to remove e.g. RT/Ruptly video and infographic content from mainstream media e.g. newspaper websites, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Such content is quite professionally done, entertaining and cheap (or even free) for cash-strapped mainstream media outlets. But for these reasons, this kind of content gets numerous ‘clicks’ and is therefore picked up by reputable outlets that help spread Russian disinformation.”Victor Madeira16 March 2018