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Arriana Huffington's sale of to AOL lead to the creation of a spinoff website, the Huffington Post Union of Bloggers (Huffpo Club), by disappointed readers.

Collaboration with UK government

Jess Brammar, chief editor at HuffPost UK, is a member of the Defence and Security Media Advisory Committee (DSMA), a UK government initiative overseen by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) that, according to its official website, exists “to prevent inadvertent public disclosure of information that would compromise UK military and intelligence operations and methods” or potentially challenge “national security” interests.

At the same time, The Huffington Post relied on Western government officials and organizations funded by Western governments to viciously smear anti-war academics as “useful idiots” of Russia, claiming they are being “used” by the Kremlin. HuffPost UK published a hit piece by Chris York on January 29, 2020 titled “The ‘Useful Idiots’: How These British Academics Helped Russia Deny War Crimes At The UN,” smearing the Working Group on Syria Propaganda and Media.[1]


A document sourced from Huffington Post

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Document:Torture and the APAarticleUS/Torture
9 June 2009Bryant Welch


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