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Alma materGeorge Washington University, Georgetown University, IDC Herzliya
Intereststhe China lobby
An American "young pundit on the rise" - with connections to the national security state

Saagar Enjeti is an American "young pundit on the rise", according to the National Review][1]. Once at The Daily Caller, Saager Enjeti then fronted a news show for The Hill, "Rising with Krystal and Saagar", co-hosted by the former MSNBC anchor Krystall Ball, with whom he also co-authored "The Populist’s Guide to 2020".[2]

In May 2021, Krystall Ball and Enjeti announced that they were leaving The Hill in order to release their own independent project – titled "Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar".[3]


Before becoming a populist media personality, Enjeti pursued an undergraduate degree at George Washington University and a master’s degree in security studies at Georgetown University, both D.C.-area colleges well known for their connections to the national security state. Enjeti also decided to study counter-terrorism studies at Israeli university IDC Herzliya. Situated on a former military base, the university’s board boasts a former head of Mossad and ex-Prime Minister Ehud Barak.[4]


While still in university, Enjeti got job at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), writing policy briefs about the conflict in Afghanistan and analyzing the moves and strength of the Taliban. The ISW is a notoriously hawkish think tank funded by weapons contractors like Raytheon, General Dynamics and DynCorp.[4]

From the ISW, Enjeti later moved to the Hudson Institute, an equally neoconservative and pro-Iraq War think tank, where he worked as a media fellow until 2020. Enjeti’s second podcast, “The Realignment,” was an official Hudson publication. Hosted with fellow Hudson employee Marshall Kosloff, the two lob softball questions to reactionary guests like Mike Pompeo, Niall Ferguson and Douglas Murray.[4]

@jack was the last of the tech CEOS who at least on a personal level was committed to free speech. His departure is probably going to make Twitter a lot worse for censorship (which is truly saying something)”
Saagar Enjeti (29 November 2021)  [5]


Saagar Enjeti's Wikipedia article has been deleted.[When?][citation needed]


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Alan MacLeod“In addition to training spies, the SFS also produces many of the country’s top journalists, including alternative media host Saagar Enjeti. When Enjeti left his job as host of The Hill’s show, "Rising," he was replaced by another SFS graduate, Emily Miller. Interestingly, Enjeti himself was a replacement for original host Buck Sexton, a former CIA analyst.”Alan MacLeod15 March 2023
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