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Employment.png President of the Nordic Council
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Leader ofNordic Council
Leader of the Nordic Council

Altough often seen as more of an honorary function, the President of the Nordic Council often have deep state connections, partly because they are high ranking politiicans, including some former Prime Ministers.

The presidents are elected for one year. As they represent the mainstream of Nordic parties, several have significant ties to the military/intelligence complex.

Presidents and Party since 1953


Office Holders on Wikispooks

Jan P. Syse1 January 199331 December 1993
Ilkka Suominen19921992
Anker Jørgensen19911991
Jan P. Syse1 January 198831 December 1988
Anker Jørgensen19861986
Olof Palme19791979
Trygve Bratteli1 June 197817 September 1978
Kåre Willoch19731973
Jens Krag19711971
Bertil Ohlin19641964
Bertil Ohlin19591959
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