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Person.png Michael Tetzschner  Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
(politician, lawyer)
Michael von Tetzschner.jpg
Born9 February 1954
Copenhagen, Denmark
Alma materUniversity of Oslo
ChildrenJenny Clemet von Tetzschner
SpouseKristin Clemet
Member ofInter-Parliamentary Alliance on China
Victim ofCold War mentality
PartyConservative Party (Norway)
Norwegian politician who handed the spy services access to huge amounts of data about almost all Norwegian citizens, nominally in order to root out foreign "co-conspirators". Member of the suspected CIA-front Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China.

Employment.png Member of the Norwegian Parliament

In office
1 October 2009 - Present

Employment.png Governing Mayor of Oslo

In office
1 March 1989 - 1 January 1992

Michael Christian von Tetzschner, commonly known as Michael Tetzschner, is a Norwegian politician for the Conservative Party.

He is a member of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China. He is married to multi-Bilderberger Kristin Clemet. As parliamentary deputy leader of the Enlarged Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence, he handed the spy services access to huge amounts of private data about all Norwegian citizens, nominally in order to root out "co-conspirators" with foreign powers.


Tetzschner was Governing Mayor of Oslo from 1989 to 1992. He was director of the BI Norwegian Business School 1995–1999. He was elected to the Norwegian Parliament from Oslo in 2009. He was President of the Nordic Council during 2018.[1] He sits in many board positions.[2]

Expanded snooping

From June 2020, the Norwegian secret services are legally allowed to perform mass collection of metadata that crosses the borders to Norway. The information will be stored for 18 months, to "identify foreign threats" and "find digital clues to the co-conspirators" in Norway, said parliamentary committee leader Michael Tetzschner.[3]

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority heavily criticized the law, and said "This will generate huge amounts of data about almost all Norwegian citizens, about our everyday, legal and ordinary communication, for the use of the intelligence service".[4]

Eckbos legat

Two misleading recommendations written for his friend, convicted swindler Rolf Eckbo. The left one shows Eckbo allegedly having worked as a teacher at the BI Norwegian Business School, where Tetzschner was director 1996-1999, while apologizing for the recommendation being slow in coming. The right one gives a glowing reference of his accounting skills in the family "charity", without mentioning the conviction for fraud.[5]

From the 1980s until the 2000s, Tetzschner had a position as leader of the internal control organ of Eckbos legat, a tax-exempt "charity" managing the fortune of the Eckbo family, in effect a slush fund.

In 1997, the business manager for a number of years and a friend of Tetzschner, Rolf Eckbo, was sentenced to 5 years in prison for financial fraud, for embezzling large sums from the "charity", as well as denied the right to be a lawyer.[6] While Rolf Eckbo was serving time, Tetzschner wrote several recommendations which led to Rolf Eckbo receiving a new authorization as an accountant from the credit authorities while still serving his prison sentence. The recommendations contained several false or misleading statements[7], in addition to not mentioning the conviction for fraud.

In 1990, when Tetzschner was Governing Mayor of Oslo, the city signed a lease for an older property owned by the "charity", intended a nursing home. The lease was signed on unusually beneficial terms, where the city committed itself to extensively renovating the old and run down place. The renovations led to a significant increase in the value of the property. In 1995, when Tetzschner had moved on, the city did not renew the lease.[8]


He is married to multi-Bilderberger Kristin Clemet. The daughter, Jenny Clemet von Tetzschner, was from January 2019 a political adviser in Erna Solberg's government.

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