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HeadquartersAnkara, Turkey
Exposed byBulent Ecevit, Susurluk car crash
'Derin devlet' is a deep state network based in Turkey. Repeated indiscretions resulted in its partial exposure, leading to the English phrase 'deep state' to refer to the phenomenon of a 'state-within-a-state or 'shadow government'.

The Turkish Deep state was dramatically exposed in 1996 by the Susurluk car crash.

Official Narrative

As of September 2016, the Wikipedia page began by stating that derin devlet (Turkish for 'deep state') "is alleged to be a group of influential anti-democratic coalitions within the Turkish political system, composed of high-level elements within the intelligence services (domestic and foreign), Turkish military, security, judiciary, and mafia. For those who believe in its existence... ", clearly suggesting that the whole thing may be some sort of elaborate hoax or fantasy.[1]


Nuri Birgi was Turkish Permanent Representative to NATO for 12 years and attended 23 Bilderberg meetings.


The origins of the Derin devlet are unclear, but almost certainly involve 'Kontrgerilla', the Turkish arm of the Europe wide Gladio project.


Robert College, a private school in Istanbul, set up in 1863, has deep state operatives and Turkish Bilderbergers among its alumni.


A July 2016 piece by James Corbett named Fethullah Gulen as a "deep state plotter", and asked "So who is Fethullah Gulen? Well, that depends who you ask. If you ask the well-coiffed liars of the corporate lapdog media, Gulen is a kindly old reclusive imam who is operating a multi-billion dollar global Islamic school network from his compound fortress in Pennsylvania…for some reason or other."[2]

The chair of the Turkish Industry and Business Association has often been a Bilderberger.


The Turkish deep state was dramatically exposed in 1996, which lead to the coining of the English phrase "deep state".

Susurluk car crash

Full article: Susurluk car crash

The 1996 Susurluk car crash was the first to bring to a wider audience the close connections between the Turkish government, armed forces, intelligence agencies and organised crime. Turkey has continued to see a series of deep events (in particular assassinations) in which key details are unexplained and perpetrators have evaded justice. Beyond a culture of violent reprisal to insiders who speak publicly about them, the details of the Turkish Deep state remain unclear. The high rte of deep events and the complex ramifications of what details have emerged have however made clear that connections between organised crime, intelligence agencies and political leaders are not sporadic but systemic and ongoing. This is the classic structure of the deep state.

Operation Cage Action Plan

Full article: Stub class article Operation Cage Action Plan

In 2010, when Levent Bektaş was arrested as part of the investigation of Ergenikon, a CD was found in his office which detailed Operation Cage Action Plan, a strategy of tension to foment civil unrest by assassinations and attacks on religious minorities. Some of this was published by Taraf newspaper in May 2010.[3]


Related Quotation

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan“The wannbe Sultan of a new Ottoman Reich, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, let his people vote in a referendum about new extensive powers for his office. Yesterday's "yes"/"no" vote was allegedly won by the "yes" side with 51.4% of the votes. This even though the "no" vote won in all major cities. In Turkey the vote in the major cities usually reflects the total. The campaign for the vote was very unfair with all state media and offices pushing for a "yes". Opposition politicians were put to jail or threatened with retribution. Media opposing Erdogan were suppressed or completely closed down.

There is significant reasons to believe that the vote count was fraudulently manipulated. On the day of the vote the election commission, stuffed with Erdogan cronies, suddenly allowed ballots without the official stamp to be counted. According to Turkish election laws each ballot, and each envelope of a postal vote, needs to be officially stamped before voting starts. This is supposed to prevent ballot stuffing with ballots printed outside of the official channels. The election commission has given no reason yet why it thought that such a last minute rule change, in opposition to the law, was necessary or even legal. Use of unstamped ballots was reported out of many election localities in rural areas where the "yes" votes now were the majority. Additionally video was recorded of local election workers stamping ballots after they had been used for voting.

The opposition is protesting and will go to court. But it will likely have little success. Erdogan has removed all judges and other legal personal that could go against him. An amateurish coup attempt against him, which he knew about before it happened, was used by him to clean all public offices of people not aligned with his party and program.

The new powers of the presidency will only come into force after the next election for the presidency. But everyone expects that Erdogan will use them right away. With the issue of the referendum put aside Erdogan is now free to escalate interior and exterior conflicts. We can expect new Turkish operations in Syria as well as in Iraq to be launched soon.

In the 1990s I extensively traveled in Turkey - alone, by local buses and mostly in the east. The country was waking up and in an intellectual and commercial growing phase. During the last years a new wave of conservatism has stopped that move. My friends there report of stagnation.

Turkey does not have the economic and intellectual power to become a new Ottoman Reich. It will fail in new expansive endeavors. But the attempt alone will be destructive for Turkey as well as for the countries around it.

Turkey is no longer a democracy. It is now a one man dictatorship with an expansive and distinct Islamist agenda. To change that will require the removal of Erdogan through some act of force.”
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
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