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Status: stable
This property should not be manually assigned, but calculated automatically

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      Pagenames, mainly in the document: namespace and main: namespaces.
  • Predicate:  Has averageRating
  • Object:        Floats from 0-5. (type number)

58 Pages use the property "Has averageRating"

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Page nameHas averageRating
Apollo program1
Conspiracy theory3
Our Secret Servants - The Shayler Affair3
Corporate media/Censorship3
Richard Gutjahr3
2016 Saumur Daesh Cell3
Deep politics3
2005 London bombings3
The State, the Deep State, and the Wall Street Overworld3
9-11/Premature death3
Corporate media3
Fake News3
Barry Jennings3
Glossary of Open Politics3
Police state3
Corporate media/Deep state control3
Mass surveillance3
Deep state/Supranational nature3
Official narrative3
Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism3
Willem Matser3
Reset This!3.5
Lone nut4
False flag4
Dr Rola4
War on Drugs4
The Occult Technology of Power4
Russian apartment bombings4
Democratic State v Deep State4
Terror drill4
Lost and Found ID4
UK Intelligence And Security Report, 20034
Illegal drug trade4
Operation 404
War on Terror4
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion4
War on Terror/Purposes4
José Sanjenís Perdomo4
Sunny Sheu4
USS Liberty Incident4
Arms for Libya4
Collateral Damage 9114
George H. W. Bush4
Le Cercle5
Operation Gladio/B5
2007 Yucatan Gulfstream drug crash5
2006 Mexico DC-9 drug bust5
Fifty Years of the Deep State5
Western Global Airlines N545JN5
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