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The Norwegian Deep state used operation Gladio era cells in the 20th century, and contains members of the Norwegian Shipowners' Association.

The Norwegian Deep state (Norwegian: Maktnorge[1]) is centered around deep state milieus in the capital Oslo. The deep state saw a reboot after World War 2 and a transatlantic orientation, where deep state actors in the assertive Labour Party dominated such activities for several decades. Members of the Norwegian Shipowners' Association has long had an outside influence compared to their numbers, although maybe somewhat less after the turn of the millennium.

Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize, awarded by a Committee of parliamentarians from the Norwegian Storting, is used to further the supranational deep state's policy of perpetual war. The Prize is especially geared towards giving humanitarian credibility to select front people and groups that on closer inspection are not what they seem. Some exceptions exist.

Norway is known as a peaceful and socially progressive nation,[citation needed] but per capita Norway is the biggest arms exporter in the world[citation needed], and by money the tenth biggest in the world[citation needed]. It has also participated in the third most number of [How?] recent wars, (after the United States and Israel).[citation needed]

Since the 1980s, oil money allowed Norway to gather what became Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund, which by the 2000s was one of the biggest investors in the world, owning over US$1 trillion in assets, including 1.4% of global stocks and shares. The money allowed Norwegian politicians to part-fund projects favored by the Supranational deep state. Examples included the Clinton Foundation and several Bill Gates public-private health initiatives.


During the union with Sweden 1814-1905, the Norwegian military leadership swore loyalty to the Swedish king. Independence was delayed by several decades because of doubts over the armed forces' position.

The deep state was centered around high bourgeoisie families, especially in the capital Oslo. The economy and foreign policy especially is traditionally in their hands. The state bureaucracy, an elite of public servants, often from the same families, have traditionally had a strong hand in running the country the way they think best, a tradition going back several hundred years.

20th Century

In the 1930s the army planned extensively for a secret mobilization of select loyal forces only for a coup, in case of labor unrest. This plan was also kept secret from the elected government. The entire army structure was geared towards this plan, which contributed to the debacle after the German invasion in 1940.

During the early 1930, when it looked like the Labour Party might win elections, factions of the deep state and armed forced centered around businessman Frederik Prytz and with Vidkun Quisling as front man, actively planned a military coup. These forces eventually formed the fascist party Nasjonal Samling. The party failed in elections, but managed to recruit a large proportion of Norwegian officers as members.

World War II

Full article: World War II

Vidkun Quisling infamously tried a coup on April 9, 1940, in coordination with the German invasion. A large proportion of Norwegian officers actively or passively failed to resist the German invasion. There is still many murky areas in what exactly happened during the April days. And why where the British expecting no resistance from Norwegian forces?

Leif Höegh, a possible deep politician, who attended the first Bilderberg and was a member of the Bilderberg Steering Committee, as was his son Westye Høegh.

Unlike neighboring Sweden, which was neutral in World War II, Norway fought on the side of the allies, and was occupied by Germany forces.

After WW2

The Norwegian deep state was rebooted after WWII. British general Andrew Thorne oversaw the reboot as de facto ruler in the first six months after liberation.

Party functionary and CIA-agent Haakon Lie in the governing Labour Party made sure the Labour movement stayed loyal to NATO and the UK/US alliance. CIA support went also went to the Labour press.

Officers who had shown questionable loyalty during the first years of the war but had changed side in time, were busy writing their official narrative. Jens Christian Hauge, the leader of the non-communist resistance during the war, emerged as a key deep politician, nominally for the Labour Party, in the twenty years after the war.

Rolf Gerhardsen, the brother of Prime Minister Einar Gerhardsen, ran a party-based intelligence network in combination with his job as editor-in-chief of Arbeiderbladet.

The northernmost province of Finnmark has long been a playground for the deep state. A network of spooky deep state operatives control many top positions in the police, administration, media and politics in the province. This is a continuation of the system from before WW2.

Operation Gladio
Full article: Operation Gladio

As in many European nations, Operation Gladio was defining in the evolution of the deep state in Norway.


The spook Trond Johansen is probably the most central deep state actor in the decades after WW2, until at least the 1990s.

Johan Melander led Norway's delegation to the GATT negotiations from the early 1950s.

Leif Höegh attended the first Bilderberg. He was a member of the Bilderberg Steering Committee, as was his son Westye Høegh. Also in attendance was Finn Moe, although he only attended one subsequent meeting, in 1959.

In 1954 WW2 communist resistance fighter Asbjørn Sunde was convicted of espionage on concocted evidence.

From the 1950s onward, The Norwegian Armed Forces Intelligence School educated many of the country's ruling caste.


Hans Engen, who was Permanent Representative of Norway to the United Nations for 5 years, reportedly died in a skiing accident in 1966.[2]

The U-2 spy planes used Norwegian bases, allegedly without the government's knowledge, or at least no written instructions.

In 1967, Otto Tidemand attended his first Bilderberg. He was to go on to become a member of the Bilderberg Steering Committee and attend 14 Bilderbergs from 1967 - 1984.

As the Labour party realized it was not guaranteed to be elected to government indefinitely, it built up "The Fourth Service", an unofficial network consisting of deep state operatives working in all the other three intelligence services, plus operatives placed in other central positions.


In 1970 Ola Teigen, Leader of the Leader of the Workers' Youth League, the youth division of the ruling Labour Party, committed suicide after he was held responsible for covert CIA funding to his organization. The practice had been ongoing for a long time.

In 1975, Norwegian intelligence services[Which?] tried to entrap the local Maoist party with the help of their Dutch colleagues. An agent provocateur from the Marxist–Leninist Party of the Netherlands was sent to make contact and compromise the Norwegian party.

Mossad agents killed Ahmed Bouchikhi a Moroccan waiter, in Lillehammer on 21 July 1973, a case of mistaken identity. Mossad had significant help from local sayanim and sympathizers. Six of the Mossad team of fifteen were captured and convicted of complicity in the killing by the Norwegian justice system.

The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions installed a surveillance system in its headquarters which made it possible to bug every room in the building. For several decades, transcripts of meetings from smaller leftist organizations and parties were shared with the intelligence services.

In 1977 Kjell Storvik was appointed Vice President of the Norwegian Shipowners' Association. He went on to be Central Bank Governor of Norway in the 1990s. Fellow Bilderberger, Niels Werring was a member of the Bilderberg Steering Committee, President of the Norwegian Shipowners' Association 1978-79, attending 14 Bilderbergs in all.


In 1982 a NATO military plane caused a civilian airliner to crash in the small village of Mehamn, killing 15. The noticeable thing is that all three official investigations since have stonewalled on military responsibility, despite all three having been shown to heavily distort and edit out facts, where the second and third investigations were fallback positions. Witnesses and journalists who disputed the official findings found themselves victims of a vicious smear campaigns by .

In 1984, diplomat Arne Treholt was arrested as a Soviet spy, and convicted in 1986. One of the investigators was the same as the one discovered working for the US embassy in 2010. One of the key pieces of evidence (a suitcase with some money) was later proven to have been falsified by the police. The case happened at the same time as several other Reagan era PSYOPS campaigns (the Georgi Markov-case; the false flag submarines against the Swedish government[3]; Korean Airlines Flight 007 etc.)

The Director General of Norsk Hydro has been a Bilderberger since 1984.

In 1989 the story of Arvid Engen was exposed, a deep state operative and stay behind connected to deep state operative Trond Johansen. On the face of it a furniture dealer and junior member of the Norwegian Labour Party, he had built up a network of contacts so prominent that he could call cabinet members, trade union leaders, parliamentary representatives and police chiefs, talking of sensitive internal party relations and who to employ.[4]. He even had the keys to his local police office. The media attention came as he went rouge with his own intrigues, but the attention soon was turned back on himself.


In 1998, Norway joined the Kosovo War, the first war of aggression in the country's modern history.

In 1999, three people were assassinated execution style, Anne Orderud Paust, an intelligence operative[5] under cover as a high ranking official in the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and her parents. (Her husband Per Paust, also an intelligence operative and high ranking official in the ministry, had died, officially of cancer, two weeks before Anne were murdered).

Anne's brother, daughter-in-law, sister and her partner, were charged and convicted for murder, despite only one of them confessing. Extraordinarily, the police stated the case had no connection to a previous car bomb attempt against Anne and Per.

The real assassins were probably connected to the wars in Yugoslavia, where Norway was heavily involved in regime changes and support to secessionists, and might have been protected because they still had use in the covert operations there,[Says who?] or because the real facts of the case would have revealed embarrassing information.

21st Century


In 2010, several retired Norwegian intelligence leaders worked as private investigators for the US embassy to monitor opponents, the so-called Surveillance Detection Unit.[6]

In 2011, Norway joined in the attack on Libya."It will make good practice for our planes"[citation needed], said Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, who went on to become Secretary-General for NATO. Jens Stoltenberg is son of Thorvald Stoltenberg, who was close to Trond Johansen. Jens also did a stint at Bill Gates' GAVI vaccine program.

The same year, 2011, the Utøya massacre took place, where "lone wolf" Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people, mostly teenagers. The official narrative, seemingly done and dusted, never explored any deep politics. Deep state researcher Ola Tunander wanted more investigation of violent networks and financial ties. Ole Dammegård suggested that the Norway attacks may have been a supranational deep state[7] expression of anger after Norway's intention to leave the 2011 Attacks on Libya.[8]

In 2013, Eivinn Berg died in a car crash.

The Russophobic Integrity Initiative was active in Norway, including a separate cell for the northern areas of the country. They collaborate with already existing local networks. These networks were still highly active as of 2019.[9]


In September 2020 the spooky Nicolai Tangen pushed himself to the top job of the 1 trillion Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund after a junket-filled campaign.

The Norwegian government was compliant with the SDS COVID-19 deep event, and jabbed more than 80% of the population, mostly with RNA-products. Their health ministry distinguished itself as sounding an early note of caution after seeing increased mortality among elderly jab recipients.[citation needed]

Control over corporate media

Leading journalists and editors have for many decades taken media courses at the Defence High School (FHS).

The Integrity Initiative has two Norwegian clusters[citation needed].[10]



In 1978, Norwegian police stumbled upon a secret basement under the house of shipowner Hans Otto Meyer which contained at least 60 weapons, many machine guns, and 12,000 rounds of ammunition. He claimed that this was provided by Norwegian intelligence.[11] In parliament, the Norwegian Minister of Defense Rolf Hansen at first denied that Meyer was affiliated with the intelligence services, then later admitted the charges and confirmed that Meyer had been associated with the Stay Behind network.[citation needed]

A few people with deep state connections have touched on aspects of it, noticeably:

  • The officer Svein Blindheim wrote a book (1981) about how he in the 1950s was trained by the CIA to perform regime changes how he ran an intelligence network out of Finland, and other matters.
  • Conservative politician and officer Oddmund H. Hammerstad wrote a revealing critique of the deep state nexus between media/the military and politics[12]
  • Grogate, a book only published in manuscript form, revealed several inner workings of the deep state, especially in the Labour Party
  • Former Labour Party functionary Ronald Bye revealed how he took over a long-running surveillance/bugging operation inside the Labour movement. Since then, he has written several books on intelligence matters.

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