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The Swedish deep state involves the Wallenberg family and Wallenberg sphere.

“Nearing the end of my life, it was clear for me that our so-called democratic society is quiet around power, and loud where power is small or fictitious.”
Olof Lagercrantz [1]

The Swedish Deep state definitely involves the Wallenberg family and Wallenberg sphere, a deep state faction. It may in fact have been centered on them for many decades.


Although a country that prides itself on social equality, it has a small, but virulently reactionary section of the bourgeoisie, including the aristocracy, business leaders and in the military. The country's military-industrial complex includes arms companies such as Bofors, Saab, Kockums and Volvo Defense, which depend on exports to stay profitable. Of particular notice is the Wallenberg family, one of Europe's leading banking and industry dynasties, whose significance cannot be understated.

Another element is governing parts of the Social Democrat movement. With anti-communism as the pretext, it allied with other deep state actors and foreign intelligence agencies.


Sweden is home to Sveriges Riksbank, the world's oldest central bank.

In 1856 André Oscar Wallenberg founded the Wallenberg Financial Empire in the form of the Stockholms Enskilda Bank.

Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden; built in the 1890s by the Wallenberg family, and a regular venue for Bilderberg Conferences.

20th Century


The death of industrial tycoon Ivar Kreuger, officially a suicide but with the evidence pointing to assassination, allowed the Wallenberg family to aggressively pick up large parts of his business empire.


Sweden was neutral in WW2. Operation Gladio was probably established there around 1944/5 as it was in other countries across Europe. In 1948 the first Tylösand Summit took place, a very low profile set of meetings, which might be a local version of the Bilderberg group.


Rickard Sandler, Swedish Prime Minister from 1925-1926 attended the 1956 Bilderberg. Erik Boheman‎ was a Swedish diplomat what attended 4 Bilderbergs from 1958 to 1962. Marcus Wallenberg Jr., who helped create the Swedish Stay Behind network, attended the fifth Bilderberg in February 1957. He was later to attend multiple further meetings, as did his son and grandson.

  • The Congress for Cultural Freedom and other US covert initiatives heavily influenced the Swedish press. The editor Herbert Tingsten and other editors across the political spectrum published several dozen stories every week given to them by the US services, without mentioning the source.[citation needed]


Marcus Wallenberg Jr. attended all but 2 of the Bilderbergs of the 1960s. Axel Iveroth, who went to the 1960 Bilderberg was head of the Swedish Industrial Association 1957-1977 and worked to modernize the business community's influence and propaganda organizations.


Marc "Boy-boy" Wallenberg, heir to the Wallenberg family leadership, who died after being bullied out of the family. It was ruled a suicide.

Marcus Wallenberg Jr. attended all Bilderbergs of the 1970s.


The IB-affair was exposed[How?][When?], where the Social Democratic Party had its own private intelligence service, cooperating with the government intelligence agencies, to spy on members of the unions, antiwar and peace movements, and weed out unwanted left wing elements. This surveillance would have been illegal if done by the government, hence the preference for a quasi-private solution. [2] IB also forwarded this information to the CIA. It is known that IB also did intelligence work abroad, especially against military targets in Arab countries like Egypt and against pro-Palestinian movements, information that was forwarded to the Israeli Mossad; and against Vietnam and antiwar-movements, information that was given to the US.


A psychological warfare campaign in the 1980s aimed to unseat the Social Democrat government under Olof Palme. Over a period of several years, US and NATO submarines penetrated Swedish territorial waters, with the intention of being observed. This campaign happened in collaboration with the Swedish admiralty, and created major embarrassment for the elected government.[3] This false flag method was used again briefly in 2014-15 as part of the drive towards the New Cold War.

Between 1981 and 1994, 4700 individual sightings of "submarine-related objects of various types were spotted in Swedish territorial waters.[4][5] While the Soviet Union was blamed, the seemingly endless series of highly visible incidents was in reality part of a NATO black operation in collaboration with a cabal of Swedish military high officers, with the purpose to change public opinion in Sweden and embarrass the government under Olof Palme, which was not informed.

Professor Ola Tunander, who has researched this in depth and sat on the third submarine commission in 2001, concludes that the majority of these incursions to be of NATO origin:[6][7]

Following the stranding of a Soviet Whiskey-class submarine in 1981 on the Swedish archipelago, a series of very visible submarine intrusions took place within Swedish waters. However, the evidence for these appears to have been manipulated or simply invented. Classified documents and interviews point to covert Western, rather than Soviet activity. This is backed up by former US Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, who stated that Western "testing" operations were carried out regularly in Swedish waters with Swedish cooperation. Royal Navy submarine captains have also admitted to top-secret operations.

Later, former US Secretary of Navy John Lehman told Ola Tunander that the decision about the Swedish operations that Weinberger had spoken about had been taken by a Deception Committee chaired by Director of Central Intelligence William Casey. The US did not just try to increase the defensive capabilities and the awareness of the Swedes. The intrusions were also about deception and PSYOPs, to change the mindset of the Swedes, to make them adapt to U.S. interests.[8]

Olof Palme Assassination

Full article: Olof Palme/Assassination
Olof Palme.jpg
An alleged SADF Military Intelligence report, dated 15 October 1985 (4½ months before his assassination) concluded that Palme "should be seen as an enemy of the State."

The Swedish Prime Minister, Olof Palme, was assassinated on 28 February 1986, 4½ months after a document alleged to be a SADF Military Intelligence report concluded that Palme "should be seen as an enemy of the [South African] State." UK television reported on the day that Swedish police "don't suspect a political motive... they think, it could be the work of a madman".[9] Ole Dammegård wrote in Coup d'etat in slow motion that "after Palme there were no Swedish global politics", that the country had been subsumed as an obedient member of the supranational deep state.


Deep politician Carl Bildt was Prime Minister of Sweden from 1991-1994.

In 1994 the sinking of the ferry M/S Estonia killed over 800 people. A scandalously inadequate investigation covered up and ignored countless investigative leads. Possible explanations include NATO or Russian submarines sinking it, a bomb onboard, a failed attempt to transfer contraband while in rough weather on the high seas, and insurance fraud.[10]

In 1995, two off-duty policemen from "Baseball-ligan", a right-wing milieu mentioned in connection with the assassination of Olof Palme, was discovered on the roof of the residence of Prime Minister Ingvar Carlsson. The next morning, Carlsson resigned for "health reasons".

21st Century


The politician Anna Lindh was assassinated on 11 September 2003, in the run up to a Swedish referendum about EU membership, possibly by a "lone nut".


In 2018 Carl Bildt was exposed[11] as a confidential source of the US embassy. He was involved in many of the other events mentioned here, or in the investigation committees of them. Since retiring as Swedish PM, he has been active abroad serving US/NATO foreign policy objectives.


In contrast to the other European nation states, the Swedish government did not pass COVID legislation to institute a COVID Lockdown. This was very widely criticised as reckless and 'lax' by commercially-controlled media, even after it was praised by the WHO and after it became clear that such unfocused measures did very little to slow the spread of the virus. The commercially-controlled media very often compared if unfavourably with neighbouring Norway, Finland or Denmark rather than other locked down nation states such as the UK, Spain or Italy, which had higher death rates.[12]

In 2021 Tedros Ghebreyesus appointed Carl Bildt as WHO Special Envoy for the Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator.



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James R. Schlesinger“[Former United States Secretary of Defense James R. Schlesinger] said 'The [Swedish] Military was planning for us to come as soon as possible'. He obviously did not speak about all Swedish politicians or all Swedish military officers, but rather about a fundamental divide between a few relevant political leaders with the ambition of keeping Swedish neutrality, and some senior military officers that were directly linked up to the U.S. agencies, officers that identified themselves with the United States and with U.S. military priorities: They planned for the U.S. military forces to come to Sweden 'as soon as possible'”Ola Tunander
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