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Group.png Christian Democracy (Italy)  
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Democrazia Cristiana.png
HeadquartersRome, Lazio
From 1946 until 1994, the DC was the largest party in the Italian Parliament, governing in successive coalitions.

From 1946 until 1994, the Christian Democracy (Italian: Democrazia Cristiana, DC) was the largest party in the Italian Parliament, governing in successive coalitions.


Party Members

Nino Andreatta11 August 192826 March 2007Italian politician and founder of think-tanks. Removed officials who appeared in the list seized from Licio Gelli and imposed the dissolution of the Banco Ambrosiano.
Giulio Andreotti14 January 19196 May 2013"The ultimate insider of Italian political life", who as Italian Prime Minister publicly confirmed the existence of Operation Gladio
Tima Anselmi25 March 19271 November 2016Single Bilderberger Italian Heath Minister
Francesco Cossiga26 July 192817 August 2010An Italian politician who became outspoken towards the end of his life.
Amintore Fanfani6 February 190820 November 1999Quad bilderberger, Italian PM
Arnaldo Forlani8 December 1925
Alcide De Gasperi3 April 188119 August 1954Prime Minister of Italy for over 7 years. Attended the First Bilderberg as President of the European Parliament.
Raffaele Girotti13 July 191825 January 2015Italian company manager and politician who attended the 1973 Bilderberg
Enrico Letta20 August 1966Single Bilderberg. Prime Minister of Italy
Franco Malfatti13 June 192710 December 19913rd President of the European Commission. Triple Bilderberger Italian politician
Sergio Mattarella23 July 1941
Enrico Mattei29 April 190627 October 1962Chairman of ENI, the Italian state oil company which had challenged the oligopoly of the Seven Sisters. He died in a suspicious plane crash in 1962.
Ciriaco De Mita2 February 1928
Aldo Moro23 September 19169 May 1978Italian politician, former PM, assassinated by Operation Gladio
Guido Colonna di Paliano16 April 190827 January 1982SDS connected Italian aristocrat. Deputy Secretary General of NATO 1962-64.
Giulio Pastore17 August 190214 October 1969Italian anti-communist labor leader and Christian Democrats politician who attended two Bilderbergs in the 1950s
Giuseppe Petrilli13 March 191313 May 1999The first Italian European Commissioner on the Hallstein Commission 1958-1961. Attended 1965 Bilderberg meeting.
Romano Prodi9 August 1939Multi-Bilderberger Prime Minister of Italy
Virginio Rognoni5 August 1924Attended Bilderberg/1982 as Italian Minister of the Interior during the Years of Lead, accompanied by Carlos Aritario.
Mariano Rumor16 June 191522 January 1990Two time Prime Minister of Italy
Pasquale Saraceno14 June 190313 May 1991Italian Christian Democrat economist. Very unusual Bilderberg Steering committee member in that he only attended a single Bilderberg.
Oscar Luigi Scalfaro9 September 191829 January 2012
Antonio Segni2 February 18911 December 1972
Michele Sindona8 May 192022 March 1986A financier and member of the Italian deep state


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