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Interest ofCarnegie Corporation
An academic institution to continue where school left off

Universities fulfill a number of social functions. Their stated objective is about education, although similarly to schools, this is but one of many perspectives.

Deep state relevance

It is interesting how certain Universities seem to keep appearing in this encyclopaedia. See also Colleges. This is different in different nation states, although older, more academically reputed institutions tend to be preferred.

Subject specificity

Certain Universities have particular specialties relevant to deep politics. For example, the University of St Andrews has turned out a lot of "terror experts".



Page nameStartedLocationDescription
Aalborg University1974DenmarkDanish public university with campuses in Aalborg, Esbjerg, and Copenhagen founded in 1974
Aarhus University1928The largest and second oldest research university in Denmark
Aberdeen UniversityScotland
Scotland's third-oldest university and the fifth-oldest in the English-speaking world
Abertay University1888Scotland
Abertay was the first to offer a degree in Ethical Hacking, starting in 2006.
Aberystwyth University1872Welsh University
Adelaide University1874Australia
110 Rhodes Scholars
Adelphi University1863Small university in New York
Air University1920University system for the United States Air Force
Al-Mustansiriya University1963Not to be confused with the University of Baghdad
Aligarh Muslim University1875India
Before 1939, faculty members and students supported an all-India nationalist movement but after 1939, the university came to be a center of the Pakistan Movement.
American University24 February 1893US
Washington DC
One of the top five feeder schools to the U.S. Foreign Service, Congressional staff, and the CIA
American University in Cairo1919Prestigious English-language university in Cairo
American University of Beirut1866Prestigious US-run university in Lebanon
Anderson University1917IndianaEstablished in 1917 as the Anderson Bible Training School
Andrés Bello Catholic University600 JLVenezuela
Top private university in Venezuela
Anglia Ruskin University1902UKHas been named as one of the most upwardly mobile universities in the world<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a>
Ankara University1923Turkey
Important Turkish university
Antioch University1964A US private university with multiple campuses
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki1925Greece
One of the top Greek universities
Arizona State University1885US
Home of the McCain Institute
Armenian National Academy of Sciences10 November 1943ArmeniaThe primary scientific body in Armenia
Aston University1895United Kingdom
Formerly the Birmingham Municipal Technical School
Ateneo de Manila University1859The Philippines
Quezon City
Prestigious Philippine university
Athabasca University1970Canada
Canadian public university that primarily operates through online distance education.
Athens University of Economics and Business1920Greece
Economics and Business University
Auburn University7 February 1856Alabama
A public land-grant research university in Auburn, Alabama.
Auckland University1883Aucklandthe highest ranked New Zealand university
Auckland University of Technology2000New Zealand
A technical college before year 2000
Augustana College1860South DakotaThe largest private university in South Dakota
Australian National University1946Many Deep State and military/intelligence ties
Autonomous University of Lisbon13 December 1985Portugal
In operation since 1985
Babson College1919Posh Private Business School
Baghdad University1957An assassination campaign tried to eliminate its top academics
Baldwin-Wallace College1845OhioOhio liberal arts college
Ball State University1918US
Public university in Indiana
Bandung Institute of Technology1920Indonesia
Top choice among Indonesia's high school students in 2006
Bangor University1884Bangor
Welsh University with economic problems
Bar-Ilan University1955Israel
Tel Aviv
Important Uni in Israel, deep state connections
Baylor University1845US
Waco siege
Oldest continuously operating university in Texas
Beijing Foreign Studies University1941China
“Cradle of Diplomats"
Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology1958China
Technological university
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev1969IsraelInstitutes include the National Institute for Biotechnology, Nanoscale Science and Technology,Desert Research, Study of Israel and Zionism.
Bentley University1917MassachusettsFormerly Bentley School of Accounting and Finance
Bilkent University1984Turkey
Ranked among the top Turkish universities
Blavatnik School of GovernmentLeadership cadre course with deep state ties
Bob Jones University1927South Carolina
US hard-line religious college
Bocconi University1902Italy
"the Harvard of Italy"
Bologna University1088 JLBolognaThe oldest university in the world
Bonn University18 October 1818Germany
Connections to the spook community
Boston College1863Boston
Jesuit/catholic university
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Related Quotation

Dan Kovalik“I make $3,000 for my 3-credit course, sometimes teaching over 50 students in my class at one time. In turn, these students pay between $36,000 and $46,000 in tuition a year, depending on their state residency. Averaging this out to $40,000 a year on tuition, and assuming students take around 30 credits a year, I figure out that for my class of 50, the school brings in a total of $100,000 and gives me $3,000 of that. In other words, while I make a very meager pay, and absolutely no benefits, the Law School is making a hefty profit - a profit that is sucked up by the growing class of administrators and by the few tenured faculty left. Pretty nice for an allegedly nonprofit institution.”Dan Kovalik2021