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HeadquartersAbbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Other namePMAKakul Academy
The most prestigious military academy in Pakistan, training future leaders.

Pakistan Military Academy (PMA or PMA Kakul is a Pakistan Army officers training academy located near Kakul village in the city and district of Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa[1] established in 1947.[2] It is the sole academy in Pakistan worked with transforming cadets into Army Officers. [3][4][5]


Cadets have to go through 2 years of vigorous military training until they can finally be termed an Officer. Pakistan Military Academy provides training to Gentlemen Cadets (Officer Cadets) of Pakistan Army and Allied countries. The academy has four training battalions, and 16 companies. Approximately 2,000 invited guests from over 34 countries visit this institution each year. Many close allies of Pakistan, like Saudi Arabia, send their own cadets and officers to receive premier training in modern military doctrine at PMA.[6]

The Kakul Academy is the most prestigious military academy in the country, like the Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst, the Special Military School of Saint-Cyr or the Military Academy of West Point. It is intended to train high-ranking military officers and provide them with higher education. Thus, the institution has a faculty that delivers courses in mathematics, physics, computer science, political science, history and economics in particular. It also trains its recruits in Pakistani military doctrine, the army's official website indicating that it transmits the values ​​of "discipline, honor and patriotism". The academy also includes physical training in several disciplines.


Alumni on Wikispooks

Hamid Gul20 November 193615 August 2015Spook
Ehsan ul Haq22 September 1949PakistanSpook
Former head of the Inter-Services Intelligence and Chairman of the Pakistani Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee.
Pervez Musharraf11 August 1943PakistanSoldier
Attended at least 3 WEF AGMs as President of Pakistan
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