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People who think "out of the box" are often ignored by major puplications

Examples included from Science dissidence‎ and Science dissident‎.



Page nameDescription
Shiva AyyaduraiIndian-American biologist and dissident.
Beate BahnerA German lawyer who publicly announced her intention to challenge the legality of the German COVID lockdown measures. She was imprisoned without trial on grounds of mental health.
Sucharit BhakdiOne of the first and most important protesters against Covid-19 misinformation
Dolores CahillIrish molecular biologist and immunologist who early and loudly protested against the official pandemic narrative. Predicts disaster from experimental gene therapies peddled as vaccines.
Shankara ChettySouth African doctor who says that the Covid 19 vaccine is a method of depopulation.<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a>
Climate change/DissidentAn enemy image used to marginalize and increasingly punish various skeptics of human-caused climate change.
Vernon ColemanMedical doctor with decades of experience. His Wikipedia article received a complete re-write when he started to criticize the official narrative on Covid-19.
Iain DavisUK writer and researcher with a background in journalism and health care. Published Pseudopandemic in June 2021
Document:Biology as Ideology Lecture
Celia FarberJournalist and author who exposed the false "HIV leading to AIDS" connection, and how iatrogenic treatment with the highly toxic drug AZT caused mass death.
File:Jeff Schmidt - Disciplined Minds A Critical Look at Salaried Professionals and the Soul-battering System That Shapes Their Lives.pdf
Reiner FuellmichDissident lawyer and spokesperson for the Corona Investigative Committee
Andrei Fursov
Robert MaloneInventor of the MRNA vaccine, heavily censored and memory-holed from the Internet after expressing safety concerns about the COVID-19 Vaccines.
Brian Martin
Denis RancourtFormerly a former tenured professor of physics, Rancourt was dismissed after covert surveillance and legal maneuverings by the University of Ottawa in Canada.
Rupert SheldrakeA Ph.D Biologist
Astrid StuckelbergerSwiss scientist and Covid-dissident. "I just explain, with science. About the lies, the corruption, the propaganda… And about the harms of the vaccines."
Wolfgang WodargGerman doctor in the forefront in the battle against the Covid-19 deep event
Michael YeadonPfizer Chief Scientific Officer who warned very strongly against the experimental COVID injections


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Document:Suppression of dissent in sciencepaper1999Brian Martin
File:Jeff Schmidt - Disciplined Minds A Critical Look at Salaried Professionals and the Soul-battering System That Shapes Their Lives.pdfbookJeff Schmidt


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