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(soldier, author, military analyst)
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Born4 January 1947
Alma materWest Point, University of Virginia

Dr Douglas Abbott Macgregor is a retired US army colonel and government official, author and military analyst. He led an early tank battle in the Gulf War and was a top planner in the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. His 1997 book "Breaking the Phalanx" argued for radical reforms inside the Army. His thinking contributed to the US strategy in its 2003 invasion of Iraq.[1]

In August 2023, his interview with Tucker Carlson about the Ukraine war was seen by over 25 million viewers.[2]

Moscow terror attack

On 23 March 2024, Douglas MacGregor posted on X:

"The perpetrators of the terrorist attack in Russia escaped from Russia into Ukraine near Belgorod and are directly tied to Muslim elements fighting on behalf of UA.
"Were they originally ISIS or something else?
"I have no idea, but there is Little doubt that MI6/CIA were involved.[3]

Senior Advisor

Douglas Macgregor left the military in 2004, and became more politically active. In 2020, President Donald Trump proposed Macgregor as ambassador to Germany, but the US Senate blocked the nomination. On 11 November 2020, a Pentagon spokesperson announced that Macgregor had been hired to serve as Senior Advisor to the Acting Secretary of Defense, a post he held for less than three months.[4] Trump also controversially appointed him to the board of West Point Academy, his alma mater. He regularly contributes to Fox News and has appeared on the Russian state-funded channel RT. His commentary has been noted for disparaging Ukraine, immigrants and refugees.[5]

'Shadow National Security Advisor'

Macgregor stated 'George Soros is frequently mentioned as the shadow national security advisor in the White House these days, and President Zelensky also owes a great deal to George Soros, along with other oligarchs, for his position.'[6]

American Engagement Initiative

Macgregor held a co-director position with Koch-funded 'American Engagement Initiative' branch of the Atlantic Council. Koch also funds the Quincy Institute, along with George Soros, which calls for America disengagement from funding and fighting foreign covert wars, to instead focus on a non-interventionist America, focused on North and South America. The stance of Quincy Institute aligns with Macgregor's calls for end of hostilities in Ukraine. Macgregor was forced into retirement, when members of the Atlantic Council's Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security, discovered 'American Engagement Initiative' was being funded by Koch. A 'New American Engagement Initiative' was formed in its place, with old directors forced out.[7]

Ukraine war

The Tucker Carlson/Douglas Macgregor interview about the Ukraine War

Macgregor regularly comments on developments of Ukraine war. In an episode on Fox News, aired in late February 2022, he explained Putin's likely goal of his Special Military Operation, is to control Ukrainian states east of the Dnipro River, in contradiction to repeated claims by NATO and Biden administration, through western corporate media, that Putin intends to control all of Ukraine, marching on to invade eastern and western Europe, as reason for fomenting war with Russia, and arming Ukraine with billions of dollars in weaponry and foreign aid.[8] In July 2023, Macgregor claimed that Ukraine is being catastrophically defeated and it is only a matter of time before Russia assumes full control, while arguing that the West, in particular the US and Biden, are pretending to have built a powerful Ukrainian army.

Macgregor also suggested that far from dissension and mutiny in Russia, they are in fact a more unified and cohesive nation than at any time in the last 30 years, contrary to the false narratives surrounding events circulating in the corporate media.

“I’d argue that Russia is stronger economically today than it was before the war began and our sanctions have been ultimately quite helpful to the Russians and they are not a part of our Western financial systems to the extent that they might have been hurt by us.”

Macgregor has repeatedly called for transparency from the major media outlets, arguing they are hiding the reality of the situation, meaning most Americans cannot discern the real situation at play. He believes this whole situation will not end well and it’s unlikely Biden will see the rest of this year as America falls into turmoil amidst a spiraling debt crisis and weakening dollar.

August 2023 video in which Ray McGovern cites Douglas Macgregor's figures of "over 400,000 Ukrainians killed in action".[9]
“I don’t think Biden will make it through the year, he’ll be gone… I don’t think we’ll get to the 2024 election. I think things are going to implode in Washington before then. I think our economic financial condition is fragile, it’s going to come home to roost in ugly ways… Then I think Ukraine is going to lose catastrophically, a complete collapse.”[10]

Macgregor offers on-going commentary on the progress of the Ukraine war, on his own YouTube channel.[11] Throughout the Ukraine war, Macgregor has made a series of failed predictions for Ukraine's early demise, miscalculating the success of NATO supplied weaponry, reality of US and UK special forces imbedded with Ukraine acting as military advisors, satellite feed of Russian troop movements to aid Ukraine and failure of Russian mobilisation. His early Feb 2022 prediction that Putin solely wished to control eastern Ukraine, east of the Dnipro River proved correct.

Macgregor enjoys support from western pro-Russian readers of Zero Hedge[12], former Trump supporters, and conservative alt-media personalities funded by Radio Sputnik, such as Lee Stranahan and Chris Hedges, on the belief that Putin is fighting Nazis and the western deep state, failing to acknowledge existence of Russia's own deep state and support for the COVID-19/Pandemic lockdowns, mandates, and vaccine, which some oppose, applying "enemy of my enemy is my friend" logic.[13]

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