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"Flower Power", an iconic photo taken at the Mall Entrance of the Pentagon
Interest of James Douglass

Nonviolence is the principled refusal to use violence to achieve ones objectives. It is a common strategy of war resistance and the campaign against the arms trade.


Famous advocates of nonviolence include Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

"Non-violent extremism"

Full article: “Non-violent extremism”

In 2005, the phrase "extremism" was introduced as an alternative to "terrorist". In January 2011, the phrase "non-violent extremism". In 2014, Alex Schmid at the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism published a research paper that argued that the distinction between “violent [Muslim] extremism” and “non-violent [Muslim] extremism” is not a valid one. He concludes that “preventing violent extremism is not enough; rather all extremism – Islamist and other – ought to be prevented, given the bloody track record of extremism in power in the twentieth century and beyond. Rather than distinguishing between non-violent and violent extremists, we should distinguish between extremists and non-extremists and support the latter against Islamists at home and abroad. Governments should challenge and resist all extremism, whether it is violent or not, whether it is Islamist or not.”[1]


  1. International Centre for Counter-TerrorismInternational Centre for Counter-Terrorism, May 2014
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