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Event.png Bilderberg/1996(meeting)
File:Bilderberg 1996.png
Date 30 May 1996 - 2 June 1996
Location Toronto,  Canada
Perpetrators Bilderberg/Steering committee

The 1996 Bilderberg Meeting was the 44th such meeting and had participants from __ European countries, the United States and Canada. It was held at Toronto, Canada.


The 1996 Bilderberg Agenda has not been leaked, but the website at Bilderberg Meetings has posted an agenda.

1. Status Report on the Alliance

2. Former Yugoslavia

3. Russia: Political Forces and Economic Prospects

4. Europe: the Politics of EU Enlargement

5. Has Europe's Economy Run out of Steam?

6. Will the Enlarged Union Survive EMU's Succes or Failure?

7. The US Agenda

8. The Israeli Election

9. How and How Much can the Western World Grow Economically?

10. WTO and World Bank: Briefing

11. Where is China Going?