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Person.png Louis Bloomfield   SpartacusRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
(spook, deep state operative)
BornLouis Mortimer Bloomfield
August 8, 1906
Westmount, Quebec, Canada
DiedJuly 19, 1984 (Age 77)
Alma materMcGill University, University of Montreal
ParentsHarry Bloomfield
SpouseJustine Adelaide Stern
Member ofOffice of Strategic Services
Interests • Orde Wingate
• Haganah
• assassination of John F. Kennedy
Canadian Zionist and spook tied to the assassination of John F. Kennedy through the CIA front organization Permindex.

Louis Mortimer Bloomfield was a Canadian lawyer, businessman, and spook.[1][2] Bloomfield was recognized as a leader of the Canadian Jewish community.[3]

A Zionist, Bloomfield joined the British military and served in Palestine as an Intelligence Officer under General Charles Orde Wingate. Bloomfield was involved in training the Jewish army, Haganah (1936-1939).

In 1942, Bloomfield was recruited and given the rank of major in the Office of Strategic Services. In 1947, the OSS evolved into the Central Intelligence Agency, and Bloomfield continued doing contract work for the new organization. He was a regular visitor to Israel and met the Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion on 4th May, 1949.

He, together with his brother Bernard[4], through the Bloomfield Brothers Foundation, contributed greatly to the Zionist community and the State of Israel in its infancy. Lewis and his brother contributed greatly to the Histadrut trade union organization.


On March 4, 1967, the Italian left-wing newspaper Paese Sera published a story alleging that Clay Shaw, who was arrested and charged with conspiring to assassinate President John F. Kennedy by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison three days earlier, was linked to the CIA through his involvement in the Centro Mondiale Commerciale, a subsidiary of Permindex in which Shaw was a board member.[5] According to Paese Sera, the CMC had been a front organization developed by the CIA for transferring funds to Italy for "illegal political-espionage activities" and had attempted to depose French President Charles de Gaulle in the early 1960s.[5] On March 6, the newspaper printed other allegations about individuals it said were connected to Permindex, including Bloomfield whom it described as "an American agent who now plays the role of a businessman from Canada (who) established secret ties in Rome with Deputies of the Christian Democrats and neo-Fascist parties."[6]

An internal investigation by the CIA's counterintelligence staff concluded that the substance of Paese Sera's allegations were not true and that neither Permindex or Centro Mondiale Commerciale were CIA fronts to channel funds to anti-communists.[7]

Bloomfield was also named by Richard E. Sprague in 1985 as a guilty party in the JFK Assassination.[8]

Other activities

Lewis served as an attorney specializing in international law. Among other things, he was employed by the Philips Weinberg company from Montreal and was sent in the service of the United States Department of State to British Honduras (now Belize) in 1968 to deliver close reports during the struggle for independence from Britain.

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