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(lawyer, activist, politician)
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BornJoseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Died2000-09-28 (Age 80)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Parents • Charles-Émile Trudeau
• Grace Elliott
Children • Justin Trudeau
• Alexandre Trudeau
• Michel Trudeau
SpouseMargaret Trudeau
Member ofClub of Rome, Harvard/International Seminar/Unassigned year
Triple Bilderberger Canadian politician and father of the Trudeau clan.

Employment.png Prime Minister of Canada Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
March 3, 1980 - June 30, 1984
DeputyAllan MacEachen

Employment.png Prime Minister of Canada Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
April 20, 1968 - June 4, 1979
DeputyAllan MacEachen

Employment.png Canada/Leader of the Opposition

In office
June 4, 1979 - March 3, 1980

Employment.png Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada

In office
April 6, 1968 - June 16, 1984

Employment.png Acting Canada/President of the Privy Council

In office
March 11, 1968 - May 1, 1968
Preceded byWalter Gordon

Employment.png Member of the Canadian Parliament for Mount Royal

In office
November 8, 1965 - June 30, 1984

Pierre Trudeau was a panelist on East- West Relations: Containment, Detente or Confrontation at the 1983 Bilderberg.

Ivan Head was what Wikipedia termed "an influential foreign policy adviser of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau."[1]

Aga Khan

Full article: Aga Khan IV

The Aga Khan has longtime connections to the Trudeau family, and first developed a friendship with Pierre Trudeau in the late 1960s.

Club of Rome

Christopher J. Orr from the University of Waterloo has described how Pierre Trudeau was part of the Club of Rome[2]:

In 1968 Aurelio Peccei and Alexander King were formulating their ideas around the Problématique — the idea that seemingly unrelated global problems were connected. According to them, quantitative growth had led to overpopulation, environmental destruction, urban pollution, social discontent, and other problems. It was as yet unclear how to connect these problems.
They quietly reached out to Pierre Trudeau and the Canadian government. From 1969 until at least the late 1970s, there was ongoing communication with the Club of Rome, support for its activities, and consideration of its ideas by senior levels of the Canadian federal government, including Trudeau, the Prime Minister’s Office, the Privy Council Office, members of the Liberal cabinet, senators, and the governor general.
On 15–16 June 1969, founding members of the Club of Rome, including Peccei and King, first met with Trudeau and members of the Canadian government. This meeting included members of the pmo, the pco, representatives from the Science Secretariat, the scc, the Department of External Affairs, the Department of National Defence, and Senator Maurice Lamontagne.[3] On 16 June, 1969 an informal dinner included Trudeau. Peccei and King argued, "Nothing short of a comprehensive systems approach on a world-wide basis can be fully effective."[4][2]
Peccei emphasized the political nature of these problems and the need for an "Act of political will."[5] He specifically requested Canada’s leadership to initiate global efforts to address the Problématique and provide financial support to study the problem. [2]


Employee on Wikispooks

Tom AxworthyPolicy advisor19751984


Events Participated in

Bilderberg/196826 April 196828 April 1968Canada
Mont Tremblant
The 17th Bilderberg and the 2nd in Canada
Bilderberg/198313 May 198315 May 1983Canada
Château Montebello
The 31st Bilderberg, held in Canada
Bilderberg/198510 May 198512 May 1985New York
Arrowwood of Westchester
Rye Brook
The 33rd Bilderberg, held in Canada


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