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Group.png Right Club   SpartacusRdf-icon.png
FormationMay 1939
FounderArchibald Ramsay
Extinction23 May 1940
InterestsOrganised Jewry
Membership• Archibald Ramsay
• William Joyce
• Anna Wolkoff
• Joan Miller
• Norah Briscoe
• Molly Hiscox
• A. K. Chesterton
• Francis Yeats-Brown
• E. H. Cole
• Lord Redesdale
• Duke of Wellington
• Aubrey Lees
• John Stourton
• Thomas Hunter
• Samuel Chapman
• Ernest Bennett
• Charles Kerr
• John MacKie
• James Edmondson
• Mavis Tate
• Marquess of Graham
• Margaret Bothamley
• Earl of Galloway
• H. T. Mills
• Richard Findlay
• Serrocold Skeels
• Tyler Kent
• [[..|...]]
A short lived group that organised to oppose Jewish power.|


Unknown to the founder, Archibald Ramsay, MI5 agents infiltrated the Right Club, including Joan Miller, Marjorie Amor and Helen de Munck.


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