Equatorial Guinea

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LocationCentral Africa, Africa
Typenation state
Member ofOrganisation of African Unity

Equatorial Guinea is a small, recently oil rich country in Central Africa which was subject to a coup in 1979 and a failed coup in 2004 which, according to its leader Simon Mann was backed by a small gang of financiers from the UK including Mark Thatcher and Jeffrey Archer.

2004 Coup attempt

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In 2004, Simon Mann, funded by Mark Thatcher, Jeffrey Archer and others lead a small team of mercenaries in a coup attempt which failed to install an exiled opposition politician, Severo Moto, as the new president. They had been promised the considerable oil rights of this nation state. Mann turned states evidence and was sentenced to 34 years in prison but released after only five.



2004 Equatorial Guinea coup d'état attempt


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