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Group.png Milner Group/Inner Circle
(Deep state milieu)Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
HeadquartersLondon, UK
Membership• Sir Patrick Duncan
• Robert Henry Brand
• Philip Kerr
• Lionel Curtis
• William L. Hichens
• Geoffrey Dawson
• Edward Grigg
• Herbert A. L. Fisher
• Leopold Amery
• Richard Feetham
• Hugh A. Wyndham
• Sir Dougal Malcolm
• Basil Williams
• Basil Kellett Long
• Sir Abe Bailey
• Jan C. Smuts
• Sir William Marris
• James S. Meston
• Malcolm Hailey
• Flora Shaw
• Reginald Coupland
• Waldorf Astor
• Nancy Astor
• Maurice Hankey
• Arnold J. Toynbee
• Laurence F. Bushbrook Williams
• Henry Vincent Hodson
• Vincent Todd Harlow
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though be advised that the official narrative is particularly suspect.

The Milner Group's Inner Circle was a deep state milieu of great importance to the UK deep state around a century ago, when the Milner Group held sway.


This list was taken from Carrol Quigley's posthumously published work The Anglo-American Establishment and posted here in June 2018. See also: