Le Cercle/1984 (Capetown)

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Event.png Le Cercle/1984 (Capetown)(Le Cercle/Meeting) Rdf-icon.png
Date12 January 1984 - 15 January 1984
ParticipantsWilliam Roth,  Steven Symms,  Frances Stockdale Symms,  Pat Balestreri,  Jim Lucier,  Robert M. McKinney,  Donald Jameson,  Ian Butterfield,  Julian Amery,  John Wodehouse,  John Killick,  Frank Steele,  Brian Crozier,  Nicholas Elliott,  Philippe Malaud,  Monique Garnier-Lançon,  Francis Lacoste,  Peter Petersen,  Hans Graf Huyn,  Rosemary Huyn,  Franz Josef Bach,  Jost Pfeiffer,  Peter Jungen,  Rolf Gärtner,  Aline Griffith,  Jaime Nogueira Pinto,  Evo Fernandes,  Pierre Joannon,  Peter van der Byl,  Enrique Gomez-Hurtado,  Enrique Gomez-Hurtado,  Robert du Plooy,  Giulia du Plooy,  Charles Alan 'Pop' Fraser,  Gavin W. H. Relly,  Basil E. Hersov,  Dirk W. R. Hertzog,  Charles Fincham
DescriptionStellenbosch, Capetown, South Africa

Le Cercle held a meeting in Stellenbosch,[1] Cape Town in January 1984.


In 2011 Joel Van der Reijden discovered the attendee list for this conference among the papers of Monique Garnier-Lançon at Stanford University, and published it online in 2011.[2] A report in Afrikaans(?) about the meeting was posted online in 2017.[3]


See the documents.[2]



Julian AmeryMI6, deep politician who chaired Le Cercle for several years.
Franz Josef BachA leading German member of the Cercle, who organised the 1982 meeting in Wildbad Kreuth.
Pat BalestreriAn unknown Cercle attendee.
Ian Butterfield
Peter van der Byl
Brian CrozierArch espionage insider who founded his own intelligence agency
Nicholas ElliottA key spook with a wide range of connections.
Evo FernandesLe Cercle attendee, Murdered in unclear circumstances.
Charles FinchamLe Cercle.
Charles Alan 'Pop' Fraser
Monique Garnier-Lançon
Enrique Gomez-Hurtado
Aline Griffith
Rolf GärtnerUnknown Cercle attendee.
Basil E. Hersov
Dirk W. R. Hertzog
Hans Graf Huyn
Rosemary Graf HuynVery little known Cercle visitor.
Donald Jameson
Pierre Joannon
Peter Jungen
John Killick
Francis Lacoste
James LucierCercle attendee
Philippe Malaud
Robert McKinney
Peter Petersen
Jost Pfeiffer
Jaime Nogueira Pinto
Giulia du Plooy
Robert du Plooy
Gavin W. H. Relly
William Roth
Frank SteeleAn MI6 officer with African connections who opened contacts with the IRA in the early 1970s. He later moved into banking and attended more than one meeting of Le Cercle.
Frances Stockdale Symms
Steven Symms
John Wodehouse


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