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Member ofNational Security Whistleblowers Coalition
Fired from the Transportation Security Administration after notifying headquarters of violations of regulations for inspecting baggage.

Ray Guagliardi is a whistleblower.


Ray Guagliardi and Thomas Bittler worked for the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA). In 2003, while serving as training coordinators at Buffalo Niagara International Airport, they noticed numerous violations of regulations for inspecting baggage, for example, inadequate inspections following alarms. They reported their concerns to their boss, which led nowhere, so they wrote to TSA headquarters. The result: they lost their jobs two months later, officially due to a staff restructure. However, 'both men say TSA officials told them that they should never have complained. According to Bittler, one supervisor said: "If you people would just learn to shut your mouths, you would still have your jobs"”
Brian Martin (2007)  [1]

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