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Group.png WhistleblowersUK
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Sponsor ofInstitute for Statecraft, II
UK group chaired since November 2015 by the former Institute for Statecraft head of security, Tom Lloyd.

WhistleblowersUK was formerly known as Whistleblowers UK. Since November 2015 it has been led by former Institute for Statecraft head of security, Tom Lloyd, leading to the suspicion that the intelligence services intend to keep a close eye on potential whistleblowers contacting a seemingly independent watchdog organization.

Own words

WhistleblowersUK is a not for profit organisation that reinvests its surplus income to provide help, support and information to whistleblowers.

We promote ethical standards of conduct and compliance with the law in the public and private sectors. We support whistle-blowers and campaign for positive changes to policies and legislation.

WhistleblowersUK offers expert, compassionate and practical advice and guidance. We understand the difficulties that making disclosures in the public interest bring. We can refer whistle-blowers to trusted legal and other professional services when needed.



Related Quotation

Tom Lloyd“Helping people who are being persecuted for doing the right thing needs experience, specialist knowledge, attention to detail and perseverance. At WhistleblowersUK we use our expertise and commitment to ensure that whistleblowers have the support they need when they need it most.”Tom Lloyd