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SubjectsUS Deep state,  The Deep State
InterestsEric Ciaramella

Shadowgate is a 2020 documentary exposing The Deep State, featuring two whistleblowers.

The cropped screenshot image at right from the ShadowGate documentary is onscreen as Millie Weaver's voice explains how whistleblower Eric Ciaramella was a decoy to hide the fact that the President was being wiretapped.[1]

That screenshot @ 44:57 was sourced from:

ShadowGate documentary "What They Don't Want You To See" (1:22:17) ~ Tore Says, 2020-08-14 - CENSORED

Mirrored videos:

YouTube: "ShadowGate | The Documentary the Deep State Arrested Millie Weaver For Releasing" (1:22:17) ~ MadisonNotMao, 2020-08-14 - CENSORED

YouTube: "ShadowGate / The Documentary 2020" (1:22:17) ~ Vlad Gruetz, 2020-08-14 - CENSORED "ShadowGate - Full Documentary (Millie is in jail for this information, please share - her camera man)" (1:22:17) ~ Real Millie Weaver, 2020-08-14


Dmitri Alperovitch promoting the story of Russian hacking of the 2016 US election

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