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This experimental object is for regions, cities, grassy knolls, wine cellars etc.

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Page nameImageDescription
10 Downing StreetPatrickHaseldine1.jpg
9-11/WTC7WTC7.jpgWTC7 was a 47-storey building which underwent a spectacular freefall collapse in its own footprint, relegated in Wikipedia to a fraction of a paragraph. Although completely unprecedented, this was not only predicted but announced by the BBC before it happened.
AachenBad Aachen.jpgSymbolic city for the European Union, venue for 1980 Bilderberg.
Abu DhabiCapital city of United Arab Emirates.
AfricaThe "dark continent", almost completely overrun by European colonialists, now full of nominally independent governments. Its exploitation continues in a range of more modern, complex, forms, such as land grabbing.
Al-HasakahAl-Hasakah.jpgCity in Northeastern Syria per 2022 occupied by US puppet administration.
AlabamaState in the South East USA.
AlaskaMost Northerly US State
AlbertaCanadian province
AmmanAmman.jpgCapital and main city of Jordan.
AmsterdamCocaine distributor to all sides in World War 1. Led the European illegal drug trade from the 1970s.
Angel FireAngel Fire New Mexico.pngA hub of deep state guns and drug running in the 1980s, similar to Mena, Arkansas, but much less known.
AnkaraCapital of Turkey
AntwerpOLV-Kathedraal.jpgLarge port and oil refinery city, world center for the diamond trade.
ArcticPolitical Map of the Arctic.jpgNorthern area of increasing importance and with geostrategic tensions.
Area 51Area.jpgA military base owned by the US Department of Defense founded in 1955 that was not confirmed to exist for over 50 years, operating as a black site with projects from the US Air Force and the CIA, even though the media have been reporting on it since the infamous Roswell incident. Although much coverage only questions if there are "aliens" there, the confirmed US Air Force black projects go largely unquestioned.
ArizonaUS desert State
AsiaThe largest continent on earth.
AthensAthens.jpgCapital and largest city of Greece.
Atlantic OceanOcean between Europe, Africa and the Americas
Bad NenndorfWinkler-bad.jpgSmall town in Lower Saxony, Germany, home to a British Combined Services Detailed Interrogation Centre
Baden-BadenBaden-Baden.pngGermany spa town on the edge of the Black Forest. Hosted the 1991 Bilderberg.
Baltic SeaFile:Baltic Sea map.pngEuropean sea; between Russia, Finland, the Baltic States and Poland.
BangkokThe capital city of Thailand.
BarcelonaPart of Spain and capital of Catalonia. The Spanish deep state is trying to block independence attempts.
Barnard CastleBarnard Castle.png
BaselSwiss home to the BIS
BavariaCoat of arms of Bavaria.png
Belmarsh PrisonBelmarsh Prison.jpgBritain's Guantanamo Bay
BerlinBerlin.jpgCapital of Germany.
Black SeaAccessible from the Eastern Mediterranean by passing through Turkey. Russia's southern coastline in Europe
Bobbersmill Community Centre
BogotáCapital of Colombia
BonnBefore Germany was re-united, this was the capital city of West Germany
BostonCapital and most populous city in Massachusetts, USA.
British ColumbiaCoat of arms of British Columbia.pngCanadian province bordering the Pacific Ocean
BrusselsBelgian capital
BucharestBucharest city center.jpgEconomic and political capital of Romania
Buenos AiresBuenos Aires.jpgPolitical, cultural and economic capital of Argentina.
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