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Concept.png Martial law 
(“state of emergency”SourcewatchRdf-icon.png
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Martial law is a state of emergency which dispenses with traditional legal procedures such as law, trials and sentences. Such use of extreme violence abandons the facade of "democracy".


A curfew is a time limitation on martial law. Citizens may be told, for example, that if they are seen on the streets between 8pm and 6am, they are liable to be summarily murdered. This is an attempt to limit the invidious nature of permanent martial law while still suppressing effective resistance of the citzens.

Police state

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The reality of modern USA blurs the distinction between martial law and police state.

Cultural references

The film Gray State was planned to depict the imposition of martial law in the USA, after compulsory chipping, food shortages and hyperinflation. A concept trailer was posted on YouTube, but the film itself was never made due to the sudden death of one of the creators.[citation needed]


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