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HeadquartersParis, France
Member ofGrande école
Many members of the French public service have studied at the institution.

The Paris Institute of Political Studies, commonly referred to as Sciences Po Paris or just Sciences Po, is a grande école and grand établissement located in Paris and other cities in France.

It originates in a private school founded in Paris in 1872 by Émile Boutmy. Boutmy aimed at modernizing the education of political elites in France by teaching them contemporary history rather than classical studies, which they would learn in universities at the same time.[1] It acquired an important role in France's public service system and many members of the French public service have studied at the institution on top of primary studies they undertook in universities. The school was re-founded in 1945 as a semi-public "institute", after criticism of the attitude of its staff during WW2 and calls for its closure.

From Gaullism to transatlanticism

Since the mid-1990s, under the semi-formal leadership of Olivier Duhamel, Sciences Po was substantially changed, from a Gaullist outlook, where France could try for an independent foreign policy, to a transatlantic one, under US tutelage. Wikipedia describes this as "to broaden its focus and to prepare students for the private sector too, to diversify and internationalize its student body and curriculum". The change in policy might have been part of a bigger concerted effort to subvert France: Duhamel was arrested in 2021 for pedophile rape, a situation at the very least leaves open the possibility of decades of sexual blackmail.

Researcher Christian Lequesne explains this change: "Diplomats between the ages of 45 and 55 are steeped in Westernism,". In particular because, since the 2000s, the teaching of international relations at Sciences Po - which continues to be provided to most future French diplomats - confronts students with ideas of French foreign policy other than those independence and rank. "For twenty years, in diplomatic circles, we have witnessed a silent war between supporters of" Gaullo-Mitterrandism", for whom France must preserve its independence vis-à-vis the United States, and the neoconservatives anxious that France becomes the best student in the western camp.[2]


Employees on Wikispooks

Alfred GrosserAcademic19551992
Gilles KepelProfessor of political science2001


Event Participated in

2021 Monkeypox Tabletop ExerciseA 2021 biological exercise predicting a monkeypox pandemic starting in mid May 2022


Alumni on Wikispooks

Michel Albert25 February 193019 March 2015FranceEconomistFrench economist, 1969 Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission Member
Jacques Attali1 November 1943FranceAuthor
Deep politician
French author and academic who attended the 1975 Bilderberg. Le siecle.
Audrey Azoulay4 August 1972FrancePoliticianUNESCO Director-General
Bernard Bajolet21 May 1949FranceDiplomat
Deep state operative
Spooky diplomat
Dominique Baudis14 April 194710 April 2014FranceJournalist
Deep state operative
Nicolas Baverez8 May 1961FranceJournalist
Bilderberg Steering committee. French proponent of transatlantic neoliberal globalization. Believes that for the masses, "time freed up by shorter working hours means conjugal violence - and alcoholism on top of that."
Edvard Beneš28 May 18843 September 1948CzechoslovakiaPolitician
Georges Berthoin17 May 1925FranceEuropean coal and steel commission. Triple Bilderberg
Éric Besson2 April 1958FrancePolitician
Laurent Bigorgne20 October 1974FranceDeep state operativeFrench deep state operative. Attended the 2015 Bilderberg
Jean-Michel Blanquer4 December 1964FranceFrench academic and politician
Alexandre Bompard4 October 1972FranceBusinesspersonSingle Bilderberg French businessman.
Michel Bon5 July 1943FrancePolitician
French businessman who attended two Bilderbergs in the early 2000s
Paul Bremer30 September 1941USDiplomat
Deep state actor
Jean-Louis Bruguière29 May 1943FranceJudge
"Terror expert"
French judge specialised in "counter-terrorism", who attended the 2003 Bilderberg
Jean-Louis Cadieux28 April 1931France
Philippe Camus28 June 1948FranceBusinesspersonFrench Bilderberger who as Executive Co-Chairman of the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company attended the 2003,4,5 Bilderbergs
Jean Castex25 June 1965FrancePoliticianMacron's Prime Minister.
Alain Chevalier19311 November 2018FranceBusinesspersonChairman of Moet Hennessy who merged it into luxury goods giant Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH).
Jean-Pierre Chevenement9 March 1939FrancePoliticianFrench Bilderberger politician
Jacques Chirac29 November 1932FrancePolitician
Kenneth Courtis1947CanadaFinancier
Businessman, financier and 3 times Bilderberg visitor.
Michel David-Weill23 November 193216 June 2022FranceFinancierFrench financier and heir to the Lazard banking dynasty who attended the 1972 and 2002 Bilderbergs.
François Delattre15 November 1963FranceDiplomatFrench diplomat. Permanent Representative to the UN, President of the United Nations Security Council
Richard Descoing23 June 19583 April 2012FranceAcademic
Civil servant
Single Bilderberger who died in unexplained circumstances.
Stéphane Dion28 September 1955CanadaDiplomatCanadian diplomat who attended the 1998 Bilderberg as Canada/President of the Privy Council
Patrick Divedjian26 August 194429 March 2020FrancePoliticianFrench double Bilderberg politician
Laurent Fabius20 August 1946FrancePoliticianFrench politician who attended the 1994 and 2016 Bilderbergs
Stefano Feltri7 September 1984ItalyJournalistConnected Italian journalist.
André François-Poncet13 June 18878 January 1978FranceDiplomat
Fabrice Fries10 March 1960FranceBusinesspersonFrench CEO of Agence France-Presse.
Sylvie Goulard6 December 1964FrancePolitician
Central banker
French politician who attended the 2016 Bilderberg. Deputy Governor of the Bank of France since 2018
Maurice Gourdault-Montagne16 November 1953FranceDiplomat
Senior French diplomat
Francois Gouyette17 June 1956FranceDiplomat
Civil servant
French ambassador to Libya during the regime change in 2011. Member of the French cluster of the Integrity Initiative.
Johannes Großmann1981GermanJournalist
A historian interested in deep politics.
Stanley Hoffmann27 November 192813 September 2015FranceAcademicAcademic who attended the 1967 and 1983 Bilderbergs.
François Hollande12 August 1954France
Barbara Marx Hubbard22 December 192910 April 2019USAuthor
Influential New Age author and speaker and supporter of population reduction
Lionel Jospin12 July 1937FrancePoliticianBilderberg 1996. French PM 1997-2002
Jean-Pierre Jouyet13 February 1954FranceDiplomat
Chief of Staff of President of France 2014-17, attended the 2008 Bilderberg
Gilles Kepel30 June 1955FranceAcademic
"Terror expert"
"Terror expert" with a focus on "Islamic terrorism" who attended the 2015 Bilderberg
Bassma Kodmani29 April 1958SyriaAcademicA Syrian/French "trusted lieutenant of the Anglo-American democracy-promotion industry". who attended 2 Bilderbergs; in 2008 before the start of the 2011 regime change proxy war, and in 2012.
François Bujon de L'Estang21 August 1940FranceDiplomatDiplomatic and defense adviser to Prime Minister Jacques Chirac.Trilateral Commission. French-American Foundation.
Jacques de Larosière12 November 1929FranceCivil servant
Central banker
French former central banker and public official. Managing Director of the IMF and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Group of Thirty. Attended the 1982 Bilderberg meeting.
Pierre Lellouche3 May 1951FrancePoliticianFrench politician
Emmanuel Macron21 December 1977FrancePolitician
Deep state operative
French deep state operative banker
Bruno Le Maire15 April 1969FranceDiplomat
French Minister of Finance, Bilderberg
François Mitterrand26 October 19168 January 1996Politician
Jérôme Monod7 September 193018 August 2016FranceBusinesspersonLe Siècle/President in 1975
Veronique Morali12 September 1958FranceBusinesspersonOrganized the 1992 Bilderberg, attended the 1991 conference.
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