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Alumni on Wikispooks

Babar AhmadMay 1974UKUS pressure had Babar Ahmad arrested and held for 10 years in UK, although he had broken no UK law. He was beaten up by UK police in 2003. A petition signed by 149,388 people did not prevent his extradition to US - with no evidence of wrong doing provided - a county where it is likely he has been tortured.
Talha Ahsan21 September 1979UKAward winning
Poet and professional translator
Catherine Ashton20 March 1956UKPoliticianA woman with zero qualification or experience of foreign affairs who, in 2009, was made 'High representative for Foreign Affairs and Security policy' in a deal which finally recognised that the position was NOT going to be given to Tony Blair
Norman Baker26 July 1957UKPolitician
Stephen Crabb20 January 1973Politician
David Davis23 December 1948
Anthony L. Gardner16 May 1963
Philip GiraldiSpook
Justine Greening30 April 1969Politician
Peter Hain16 February 1950Politician
Ed Husain25 December 1974UKAuthor
Norman St John-Stevas18 June 19292 March 2012UKLawyer
Tessa Jowell17 September 1947Politician
Samantha Lewthwaite5 December 1983UK
Ramsay MacDonald12 October 18669 November 1937UKJournalist
Denis MacShane21 May 1948Politician
Thabo Mbeki18 June 1942South AfricaPolitician
John McDonnell8 September 1951Politician
Gina Miller19 April 1965Businesswoman
Seamus Milne1958UKJournalist
Seumas Milne1958UKJournalist
Seumus Milne1958Propagandist
Executive Director of Strategy and Communications, Labour Party
Claude Moraes22 October 1965UKPoliticianA member of the European Parliament
Robert Mugabe21 February 1924Zimbabwe
Maajid Nawaaz2 November 1978UKAuthor
Enoch Powell16 June 19128 February 1998UK
Merlyn Rees18 December 19205 January 2006A UK home secretary who spoke at the 1979 Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism.
Janet Royall20 August 1955
Meir Shamgar13 August 1925Judge
Achim SteinerBrazil
Gillian Troughton
Sidney Webb13 July 185913 October 1947UK


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