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MottoEruditio et Religio
(Erudition and Religion)
Other nameBlue Devils
SubpageDuke University/School of Law

Academic fraud

Duke University agreed to pay $112.5 million to the US government as a result of the university falsifying research on federal grants.[1]


Alumni on Wikispooks

Susan Athey29 November 1970USEconomistUS economist, one time Bilderberger
Selin Sayek Böke24 August 1972Turkey
Robert Califf1951"The ultimate pharma insider"
Lynn Davis1943Academic
Neil Eggleston5 July 1953Lawyer
Melinda Gates15 August 1964Administrator
John HannahLawyer
Jonathan Harmsworth3 December 1967UKMedia mogul
Anthony HarringtonDeep state functionary
Deborah Lee James25 November 1958
Stuart E. Jones1959Diplomat
Robert Jordan9 October 1945UKDiplomat
Clint Murchison Jr.12 September 192330 March 1987Businessperson
Philip Lader17 March 1946Diplomat
Chris Martenson15 September 1962Economist
Andrew McCabe5 May 1968
Aubrey McClendon14 July 19592 March 2016USBusinesspersonA US businessman who died in suspicious circumstances.
Richard Nixon9 January 191322 April 1994USPolitician
A relatively independent US president who may have been removed from power because he was planning to expose the conspiracy to assassinate JFK.
Rand Paul7 January 1963Politician
Ron Paul20 August 1935Author
Charlie Rose5 January 1942Journalist
David M. Rubenstein11 August 1949USBusinesspersonBillionaire co-founder and Managing Director of the Carlyle Group
Nathan SalesLawyer
Terror expert
Deep state operative
Michael Scharf25 April 1963USAcademic
Kenneth Starr21 July 1946Lawyer
Thamina StollGermanDaughter of beleaguered (and celebrated) journalist Richard Gutjahr, who as well as her father, apparently independently, was positioned to shoot a video of people fleeing the 2016 Munich Shooting
Daniel TarulloCentral banker
Jeffrey Zients12 November 1966