Lehman Brothers

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Group.png Lehman Brothers  
FounderHenry Lehman
HeadquartersNew York City, New York, United States
Subgroups• Lehman Brothers Inc.
• Neuberger Berman Inc.
• Aurora Loan Services
• SIB Mortgage Corporation
• Lehman Brothers Bank
• Lehman Brothers/FSB
• Eagle Energy Partners
• Crossroads Group
The bank which collapsed in 2008, resulting - according to the official narrative - in the Global Financial Crisis.

Lehman Brothers is a defunct American bank.

Official Narrative

The 2008 collapse of this international bank directly triggered the Global Financial Crisis.


Various commentators have suggested that behind the (imaginary) "financial crisis" is in fact a (real-world) ecological crisis, that the core issue is the viability of the for-profit model of perpetual growth which underlies the interest bearing money system.


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