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HeadquartersAllentown, Pennsylvania, USA

Muhlenberg College is a private liberal arts college in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Muhlenberg College has significant ties to the US intelligence services. There is a significant number of alumni that (presumably) got talent spotted for a spook career while students there, and the international outlook of the college, with many language courses of interest, like Russian; and where "56 percent of Muhlenberg graduates from the Class of 2019 studied abroad,"[1] makes the students attractive for recruitment.

The College catalogue states: "General reasons of why higher education promotes study abroad: Our national security depends on foreign language skills of members of the FBI, CIA and the Pentagon"[2]

Select Alumni

"Former Deputy Director of National Intelligence Dawn Eilenberger ’79 says Muhlenberg provided an educational foundation for her 35 years in government."[3]"

"Harry Yeide knew he wanted to go to a liberal arts college, and Muhlenberg had the perfect program for the potential physics major. However, it was humanities that opened a world of understanding of how economics, politics, German and foreign affairs coincided"..."Relying on his double major in political science and German, his education prepared him for a career of research, writing and analysis for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)."[4]


Alumni on Wikispooks

Richard Ben-Veniste3 January 1943Lawyer
Deep state functionary
A lawyer who has taken various legal roles for the US deep state, including securing the Watergate coup.
Mark CunninghamSpook
Robert Steele16 July 195229 August 2021Spook
American spook who became a "conspiracy theorist" and died of COVID.