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(journalist, celebrity, comedian)
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BornJoseph James Rogan
11 August 1967
New Jersey, USA
Member of"Team Worst Case Scenario"
Victim ofshadow banning
Interests • COVID Vaccine
• Ivermectin
Host of the world's most popular podcast. He frequently dissents from the Official narrative.

Joe Rogan is an American comedian, podcaster, and UFC color commentator. He produces the Joe Rogan Experience, which was the world's most popular podcast in 2022. He had an exclusive deal with Spotify, which nevertheless by 2022 was shadow banning him, after he produced many influential episodes critical of the COVID-19 official narrative.[1]


1 September 2021, he announced that he caught COVID, and recovered well after being treated with Ivermectin.[2] The Guardian was unimpressed.[3]


Yahoo's contrasting treatment of two non-doctors, Joe Rogan and Bill Gates, on the experimental COVID jabs.

Joe Rogan "claimed that people trying to enforce Covid-19 vaccine requirements don't know much about history"[4] Opposes vaccine passports

Kim Iversen on The Hill: Rogan slams Fauci[5]


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