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Date1 June 2017 - 4 June 2017
LocationChantilly,  Virginia,  USA
ParticipantsPaul Achleitner, Andrew Adonis, Marcus Agius, Mustafa Akyol, Kjetil B. Alstadheim, Roger C. Altman, José Luis Arnaut, José M. Durão Barroso, Oliver Bäte, Werner Baumann, Nicolas Baverez, René Benko, Anne-Catherine Berner, Ana P. Botín, Svein Richard Brandtzæg, John O. Brennan, Frank Bsirske, Thomas Buberl, M. Elaine Bunn, William J. Burns, Levent Çakiroglu, Cansu Çamlibel, Juan Luis Cebrián, Kristin Clemet, David S. Cohen, Patrick Collison, Tom Cotton, Tiankai Cui, Mathias Döpfner, John Elkann, Thomas Enders, Ulrik Federspiel, Willem-Alexander Ferdinand, Roger W. Ferguson, Niall Ferguson, Fabiola Gianotti, Sandro Gozi, Lindsey Graham, Evan G. Greenberg, Kenneth Griffin, Lilli Gruber, Luis de Guindos, Avril D. Haines, Victor Halberstadt, Ralph Hamers, Connie Hedegaard, Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, Mellody Hobson, Reid Hoffman, Nicholas Houghton, Wolfgang Ischinger, Kenneth M. Jacobs, James A. Johnson, Vernon Jordan, Alex Karp, Carsten Kengeter, Henry A. Kissinger, Susanne Klatten, Klaus Kleinfeld, Klaas H.W. Knot, Ömer M. Koç, Stephen Kotkin, Henry R. Kravis, Marie-Josée Kravis, André Kudelski, Christine Lagarde, François Lenglet, Thomas Leysen, Christopher Liddell, Annie Lööf, Jessica T. Mathews, Terry McAuliffe, David I. McKay, H.R. McMaster, John Micklethwait, Zanny Minton Beddoes, Maurizio Molinari, Lisa Monaco, Bill Morneau, Craig J. Mundie, Gene Murtagh, Peggy Noonan, Michael O’Leary, George Osborne, Alexis Papahelas, Dimitri Papalexopoulos, David H. Petraeus, Søren Pind, Benoît Puga, Gideon Rachman, Heather Reisman, Albert Rivera Díaz, Johanna Rosén, Wilbur L. Ross, David M. Rubenstein, Robert E. Rubin, Susanne Ruoff, Gwendolyn Rutten, Michael Sabia, John Sawers, Nadia Schadlow, Eric E. Schmidt, Johann N. Schneider-Ammann, Rudolf Scholten, Beppe Severgnini, Radoslaw Sikorski, Boyan Slat, Jens Spahn, Randall L. Stephenson, Andrew Stern, Jens Stoltenberg, Lawrence H. Summers, Bruno Tertrais, Peter Thiel, Jakob Haldor Topsøe, Sinan Ülgen, Björn Wahlroos, Marcus Wallenberg (born 1956), Amy Walter, Galen G. Weston, Sharon White, Leon Wieseltier, Martin H. Wolf, James Wolfensohn, Pierre Wunsch, Gerhard Zeiler, Jeffrey Zients, Robert Zoellick
PerpetratorsBilderberg/Steering committee
DescriptionThe 65th Bilderberg Meeting

The 2017 Bilderberg, the 65th meeting, took place from 1-4 June 2017 in Chantilly, Virginia, USA.[1][2] The 128 guests included 42 business executives, 22 politicians, 8 financiers, 21 editors/journalists and 8 academics. The next meeting was the 2018 Bilderberg.

A video by James Corbett


“Bilderberg is concerned about fake news? The world’s most secretive conference, which is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars keeping the press away from its sacred discussions, which has spent decades lying and obfuscating about itself, wants to ensure the spread of truth?”
Charlie Skelton (2 June 2017)  [3]


Police guarding the hotel at the 2017 Bilderberg.jpg

Charlie Skelton wrote in The Guardian in 2017 that "The agenda for this year’s secretive summit of the global elite is full of in-jokes. They get big laughs straight off the bat by describing themselves as “a diverse group of political leaders and experts”."[4] Topics discussed:

  • The Trump Administration: A progress report
  • Trans-Atlantic relations: options and scenarios
  • The Trans-Atlantic defence alliance: bullets, bytes and bucks
  • The direction of the EU
  • Can globalisation be slowed down?
  • Jobs, income and unrealised expectations
  • The war on information
  • Why is populism growing?
  • Russia in the international order
  • The Near East
  • nuclear proliferation
  • China
  • Current events

Follow up

After Boyan Slat spoke on the topic, microplastic pollution of oceans suddenly emerged as a favourite of the commercially-controlled media.


Known Participants

124 of the 128 of the participants already have pages here:

Paul AchleitnerAustrian banker businessman with deep state connections.
Andrew AdonisLabour party politician and Bilderberger. Vice Chairman of the European Movement (UK)
Marcus AgiusBilderberg trustees, Chairman of Barclays and of the British Bankers Association
Mustafa AkyolSingle Bilderberg Turkish journalist and author
Kjetil AlstadheimSingle Bilderberger Norwegian journalist and editor
Roger AltmanUS Banker, Bilderberg Steering Committee
José Luis ArnautDouble Bilderberg Portuguese lawyer politician
José Manuel BarrosoBilderberg Steering committee, President of the European Commission
Werner BaumannAttended the 2017 Bilderberg as Bayer CEO
Nicolas BaverezBilderberg Steering committee. French proponent of transatlantic neoliberal globalization. Believes that for the masses, "time freed up by shorter working hours means conjugal violence - and alcoholism on top of that."
Zanny Minton BeddoesFinancial journalist, Bilderberger, IMF economist under Jeffrey Sachs
René BenkoAustrian billionaire businessman who attended the 2015-2017 Bilderbergs
Anne BernerSingle Bilderberger Finnish politician. Now works for the Wallenberg family.
Ana BotínHead of Santander Group, who claimed that COVID-19 Vaccines are “the most effective 2021 economic policy.”
Svein Richard BrandtzægMember of the Bilderberg Steering committee.
John BrennanDCIA, "terror expert", helped cover-up CIA/Torture
Frank BsirskeGerman Single Bilderberg Labour leader
Thomas BuberlGerman poly-Bilderberg money manager, WEF AGMs, WEF YGL 2008
William BurnsPoly Bilderberger US diplomat, US/Deputy Secretary of State
Oliver BäteGerman businessman with supranational deep state connections
Juan Luis CebriánSpanish media mogul with a heavy Bilderberg habit.
Kristin ClemetTriple Bilderberger Norwegian politician
David S. CohenConfirmed as Deputy Director of the CIA in January 2015
Patrick CollisonIrish "self-made billionaire" who attended the 2017 Bilderberg
Tom CottonThe most Hawkish senator in US Congress. Elected, funded and guided by AIPAC, advocates war crimes, jailing kids and aunts for "corruption of blood". Tried very infamously to sabotage the Iran Nuclear Deal.
Albert Rivera DíazSpanish politician
Mathias DöpfnerCEO of mightiest media group in Germany and Europe, Axel Springer SE, member of the Bilderberg Steering Committee and other transatlantic networks, most notably Atlantik-Brücke. Became billionaire after receiving gift from elderly widow.
John ElkannItalian/US billionaire businessman with heavy Bilderberg habit. 21st Century Council, European Round Table of Industrialists
Tom EndersAtlantik-Brücke, American Council on Germany/Young Leaders, Bilderberg/Steering committee, Munich Security Conference/Advisory Council ...
Ulrik FederspielDanish diplomat, Bilderberg Steering committee
Willem-Alexander FerdinandDutch royalty. Bilderberg
Niall FergusonPoly Bilderberger Hoover Institution Fellow historian, WEF YGL 2005, attended the WEF/Annual Meeting/2020
Roger FergusonUS economist, Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, 3 Bilderbergs in the late 2010s
Fabiola GianottiAttended the 2017 Bilderberg as CERN director general
Sandro GoziItalian politician/MEP. Attended the 2017 Bilderberg
Lindsey GrahamUS/Senate/Committee on the Judiciary/Chair, double Bilderberg
Evan Greenberg2nd generation multi-Bilderberger
Kenneth GriffinDouble Bilderberger billionaire hedge fund manager
Lilli GruberMulti-Bilderberger Italian journalist. In 2021 she called for mandatory COVID "vaccines".
Luis de GuindosDouble Bilderberg Vice President of the European Central Bank
Avril Haines"The proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing". Possible central figure in several major psy-ops, including Russiagate and COVID-19.
Victor HalberstadtA professor of economics, with a minimal Wikipedia page, who has attended all Bilderberg meetings since 1975.
Ralph HamersAttended the 2017 Bilderberg as ING CEO'. Prosecuted for massive corruption at ING concerning at least $1,25 billion. Even after the settlement with ING, the Dutch court prosecuted Hamers personally in 2020.
Connie HedegaardDanish politician, multi-Bilderberger
Jeanine Hennis-PlasschaertDutch Defence Minister, connected to the 2015 Hawija bombing, lied about knowledge of any deaths and covered-up any juridical complicity with Mark Rutte & Bert Koenders.
Mellody Hobsonpresident and co-CEO of Ariel Investments, wife of filmmaker George Lucas
Reid HoffmanVenture capitalist, CEO of LinkedIn
Nicholas HoughtonSenior UK soldier, House of Lords, Sandhurst
Wolfgang IschingerSpooky German diplomat. Chaired the Munich Security Conference
Kenneth JacobsBilderberger financier
... further results
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