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(Crime boss)
Carlos Marcello.jpg
BornCalogero Minacori
Tunis, Tunisia
Died1993-03-02 (Age 83)
Metairie, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, USA
Member ofJFK/Assassination/Perpetrators
Interest ofFrank Ragano
New Orleans mafia boss with JFK assassination connections.

Carlos Marcello was a boss of New Orleans Mafia. Mark Gorton terms him a "top mafia chieftain" and suggests he was involved in the JFK Assassination.[1]


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Edward Lansdale“Lansdale's operation in the Philippines gave birth to most of the common features of modern covert operations for U.S. Intelligence: bribery, theft, torture, and false flag operations. It would be Lansdale who would initiate a bond between the US intelligence organizations and Israeli intelligence. It would be Lansdale that would set precedents for the Intelligence community to retain the services of organized crime on U.S. soil. Lansdale would hire American Mafia family heads Carlos Marcello, Santos Trafficante, Meyer Lansky, and Lucky Luciano in the U.S. war against Fidel Castro in 1961. It would be Lansdale's team that would propose and justify sacrificing innocent U.S. civilians in order to rally the American citizenry to support an invasion of foreign soil. This was done under a program run by Brigadier General William H. Craig, who reported to Lansdale for the Cuba project.”Edward Lansdale
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