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Group.png Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Greece
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LeaderDespina Afantouli
Exposed byIntegrity Initiative/Leak/1, Integrity Initiative/Leak/2
Membership• Despina Afantouli
• Dr Thanos Dokos
• Dr Ioannis Armakolas
• George Tzogopoulos
• Dimitris Xenakis
• Katerina Oikonomakou
• Ioannis Goranitis
• Tasos Telloglou
• Katerina Chryssanthopoulou
• Sissy Alonistiotou
• University of Macedonia
• Ioannis Armakolas
The Integrity Initiative had two Greek Clusters, according to a document from the first Integrity Initiative Leak

The Integrity Initiative had two Greek Clusters, according to a document from the first Integrity Initiative Leak.[1]


"Greece is an especially sensitive country in which to operate, given its current political and economic challenges. These, plus its recent history, make it too particularly vulnerable to Russian influence and disinformation efforts. Consequently, our Greek cluster is developing in a unique way. We have two totally separate expert groups co-ordinated from London. The Athens group is comprised of journalists who operate very discreetly and whose main means of dissemination is articles and a website. They have produced a good study of the Russian influence in Greece through Oligarchical channels. A second group is based within the University of Thessaloniki, where the professor has established a media observatory tracking articles on Russian influence and measuring media and public attitudes to Russia. Their first product was a study of the responses in Greece to the Skripal affair. Dissemination is through academic publication and courses. Other separate groups may be formed."[1]


A Document by Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Greece

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:Integrity initiative: Notes on discussions in Greecereport2017GreeceII looking hard for Russian influence. It "is insidious but everywhere, so it is difficult to pinpoint..Their funding is difficult to identify."


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