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A Twitter roundup from II. The contents are fairly standard fare, but which users II chose to follow is very interesting, and some are "other users in our field".

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png Twitter roundup  by Chris Hernon dated 24 March 18
Subjects: Skripal, 112 News, Jakub Janda, Andreas Umland, Ian Bond, Deborah Haynes, Niels Ockelmann, James Marson, Craig Silverman, John Sweeney, Daniel Twining, Ryan O'Farrell, Nina Khrushcheva, Shashank Joshi, Thomas Embleton, Elizabeth Tsurkov
Example of: Integrity Initiative/Leak/3
Source: 'Anonymous' (Link)

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Momentum gathering for action against Russia

Integrity Initiative @InitIntegrity At least 10 EU nations to expel Russian diplomats in spy row

112 News @112NewsFeed #Russian diplomats to be expelled from 20 #EU member states

Jakub Janda @_JakubJanda BREAKING NEWS: Czech government will probably join the UK and reported 5 other EU states in expelling Russian intelligence officers. "Yes, we will probably go that way," said Czech PM

Thinking on further measures

Andreas Umland @UmlandAndreas 2014: @AmbJohnBolton: Since we are now acting in the midst of deterrence failure, we face a complex problem of dealing with the ongoing Russian aggression while simultaneously reestablishing an enduring @NATO position of strength. @weeklystandard

Ian Bond @CER_IanBond Interesting piece from @RUSI_org , making a good case for a long term Western efforts to stop #Russian intelligence services assassinating their enemies abroad. Shashank Joshi@shashj A former senior British intelligence official has written, anonymously, for @RUSI_org on the UK response to Skripal/Russia. Argues for a focus on deterring assassinations by degrading Russian capabilities …

Jakub Janda @_JakubJanda To me, this is the most important thing of the Russian WMD attack episode: France is planning to expel Russian intelligence officers.…

Atlantic Council @AtlanticCouncil "Five years ago, many people did not believe Putin could ever invade Ukraine. One year ago, many people did not believe at all that [Russia] could organize, using nerve agents, on British soil.” from @terischultz:

Integrity Initiative @InitIntegrity Mr Putin is playing by new rules; he’s ready for a fight — but are we? … via @telegraphnews

Kremlin propaganda and disinformation

Deborah Haynes @haynesdeborah EXCLUSIVE - UK identifies 1,000s of suspected robotic accounts, part of “extensive” Russia disinformation operation after #Skripal attack. This is ongoing, Kremlin-backed hybrid warfare against UK. #informationwarfare

Ben Nimmo @benimmo Thread: Case study in Russian and pro-Kremlin Twitter activity around the Skripal poisoning case, and how it tries to influence the UK debate.

Niels Ockelmann � @NOckelmann Very predictably, Russia is sowing doubt about the impartiality of OPCW. It's almost as if they know what the result will be. Pravda Report @engpravda Will Russia be able to survive the psychic attack from the EU and NATO?

Dan Kaszeta @DanKaszeta OK. This deserves some attention as it keeps coming up: First, I don't know how you can deduce lethality statistics based on a case study of 3 people without knowing route of exposure or absorbed dose. Thomas Embleton @thomas_embleton @DanKaszeta apparently Novichock isn’t that lethal! Oh so you know @nick_732 they are only alive due to prompt medical attention and advice from specialists in chemical warfare

James Marson @marson_jr The latest on U.K.-Russia relations: "The English killed Ivan the Terrible ... in order to turn Russia into their protectorate. For more than four centuries, perfidious Albion has been waging an undeclared war against Moscow."

Craig Silverman @CraigSilverman A few weeks ago @d1gi and I showed that Russian trolls ran wild on Tumblr and the company had refused to comment on it: … Now it acknowledges it found 84 IRA accounts last fall and gave info about them to the Dept of Justice:

John Sweeney @johnsweeneyroar A letter from the state with a strong history of political murder.

FCO Skripal twitter sample 24318.png Russian Embassy, UK @RussianEmbassy

Chris Hernon @ChrisHernon "The lying Russian leader aims to convince the gullible and paranoid that there is no such thing as truth"

The nature of Putin’s regime

Daniel Twining @DCTwining Kremlin has labeled @gmfus “undesirable” - a distinction @IRIglobal earned in 2016. Our response then: “This move says more about Vladimir Putin than about IRI. It’s further proof that he fears allowing his people an opportunity to shape their own future.”

Ryan O'Farrell @ryanmofarrell It is difficult to imagine a more blatant or terrible war crime then using bunker busters and heavier-than-air chemical weapons to kill civilians hiding in bomb shelters. Remember this when they tell you that Assad is a lesser evil. Elizabeth TsurkovVerified account @Elizrael Both the chemical weapons use by the regime & bunker-busters are designed to kill those hiding in underground shelters. The regime repeatedly launched chlorine gas attacks that lead civilians to escape underground shelters because the heavy gas seeps into the shelters.

Nina Khrushcheva @ninakhrushcheva 5h5 hours ago Putin, a Little Man Still Trying to Prove His Bigness

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