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A list of written output from II staff, mostly for internal study use.

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png output report  by Integrity Initiative dated 05 04 2016
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Production schedule 05 04 2016

Institute for Statecraft

Production timetable March-June 2016

As at: 05 04 2016

17 March Atlantic Council: Yes, Putin really believes his own propaganda, Ben Nimmo

18 March VUB: Confuse, divide and rule; How Russia drives Europe apart. Dr Sibren De Jong

21 March Newsweek: Putin's paranoia is driving his foreign adventures, Ben Nimmo

22 March, UK House of Commons: Russian information warfare - airbrushing reality, Jonathan Eyal and Ben Nimmo

24 March: eight complaints forwarded to Ofcom on RT's failure to ensure due impartiality with request to launch a formal investigation

22-29 March VUB:

- Western European narratives about Baltic military weakness. Dr. Andriy Tyushka, Baltic Defence College.

- Political warfare and disinformation in the context of EU-Russia relations; James Rogers, Dean of the Baltic Defence College.

- How Western Europeans talk about the Minsk agreements, their shortcomings and the future of Ukraine's place in Europe. Dr. Svitlana Kobzar,

RAND Europe/Vesalius College. (in editorial preparation)

5 April: Russia and the European far left, Peter Kreko - 5000 words

5 April: The Russian Party in France (in French) Francoise Thom

Mid May: Atlantic Council: Distract, deceive, destroy: Putin at war in Syria. Ben Nimmo et al (Major study)

12 April (approx): Russia and the European far right, Anton Shekhovtsov - 2000 words

15 April (approx) VUB: Russian influence, James Sherr - 1500 words

19 April (approx): Information warfare, David Clark

April TBC Russian export of its values to Europe: the Orthodox Church and other vectors, Peter Kreko

Early May timeframe: Russian penetration in Germany, Harold Elletson, Ben Nimmo et al - 10,000 words

11 May: VUB/IES EU Conference, Brussels; (a) panel on Russia, the far right and far left, Brussels; (b) Conference panel on Russian fake media,

mid-May time frame: Report on Russian trolls and far-right ties, Jessikka Aro

24/5 May: (TBC) Joint workshop with London First to address the Russian influence on London

June timeframe: Atlantic Council, major report on Russian conspiracy theory and foreign policy, Ben Nimmo (potential launch events in London and / or Washington)

8 June: (TBC) Workshop in Brussels launching the Integrity Initiative; website etc

End-June: Mapping Russia's whole influence machine, Ben Nimmo - 10,000 words