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A list of suggested military measures to Ukraine in 2014, including "Mine Sevastopol harbour/bay"

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png report  by Chris Donnelly dated 01 03 2014
Subjects: Ukraine, war
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Military measures

At the moment the new “Government” in Kyiv is unable to think in terms of military reality, as Hrytsenko can and does. They do not understand military power and what it can and can’t do. They do not know if they issue orders, whether those orders will be obeyed or not by the Ukrainian military. They are like a rabbit in the car’s headlights.

If I were in charge I would get the following implemented asp

1. Set up a cordon sanitaire across the Crimean Isthmus and on the coast N. of Crimea with troops and mines

2. Mine Sevastopol harbour/bay. Can be done easily using a car ferry if they have no minelayers. Doesn’t need a lot of mines to be effective. They could easily buy some mines.

3. Get their air force into the air and activate all their air defences. If they can’t fly the Migs on the airfield in Crimea those should be destroyed as a gesture that they are serious. Going “live” electronically will worry the Russians as the Ukrainians have the same electronic kit. If the Russians jam it they jam their own kit as well.

4. Ukraine used to have some seriously important weapons, such as a big microwave anti-satellite weapon. If they still have this, they should use it.

5. The government needs a Strategic communication campaign- so far everything is coming from Moscow. They need to articulate a long-term vision that will inspire the people, however hard that is to do. Without it, what have people to fight for?

6. They should ask the west now to start supplying Oil and gas. There is plenty available due to the mild winter.

I am trying to get this message across