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(writer, editor, statistician)
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NationalityVenezuelan, Canadian
Alma materStanford University

Nino Pagliccia is a Venezuelan-Canadian statistician who writes about international relations with a focus on the Americas.

Nino Pagliccia has managed collaborative projects with Cuban partners in the University of British Columbia’s Global Health Research Program. He is the editor of "Cuba Solidarity in Canada—Five Decades of People-to-People Foreign Relations" (2014).[1]

Nino Pagliccia has been the vice-president of the Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association in Vancouver and founding co-chair of the Canadian Network on Cuba. He has led groups doing volunteer work in Cuba for over 12 years.[2]

Cuba Solidarity in Canada

In January 2019, Nino Pagliccia wrote:

"Sixty years ago Canada did not break diplomatic relations with Cuba while the OAS expelled Cuba from the organisation after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution. Today the OAS remains firm with its mandate of no interference while Canada is leading an illegitimate splinter of OAS countries, self-anointed as Lima Group, to push for regime change in Venezuela. That is irresponsible and dangerous."[3]

Comment on Twitter

On 22 February 2019, Nino Pagliccia tweeted in response to Chrystia Freeland:

"#Venezuela is receiving aid through the UN established channels. Your position is a provocation to violence. Your fake "troubles" would end by ending sanctions and calling the "Lima Group" off. There will be more false flag actions and your government is complicit."[4]

Question on Facebook

On 26 February 2019, addressed a Facebook post to Chrystia Freeland:

"I attended by phone the Press conference of the Lima Group in Bogota on February 25, however I did not get a turn to ask my question. So I pose it to you here hoping to get a reply.
"My question to you is in relation to the first paragraph of the Lima Group declaration. Out of the 14 countries of the original group there are now 10 remaining but I notice that #Venezuela appears as the 11th country.
"The Lima Group that is a minority subset of the 35 OAS member States may have just created a new entity giving the impression that there are two Venezuelas now:
The one in the declaration that as you said 50 State governments support out of 193 member states; and a second Venezuela that is a recognised member of the United Nations, and whose government is headed by Nicolas Maduro.
"Are you concerned that the Lima Group of 10 countries may be taking attributions outside of the Charter accepted by 193 States of the United Nations? Thank you."[5]


A Document by Nino Pagliccia

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:Canada Rejects Petition to Lift All Sanctions on VenezuelaArticle9 November 2018Venezuela
International Criminal Court
Chrystia Freeland
Justin Trudeau
Organisation of American States
Alan Freeman
While Canada chooses to speak of the “dire human rights and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela” – where there is none – it ignores, condones and rather endorses Saudi Arabia in the making of one of the worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen. That is the most vicious double standard that a “democratic” country can demonstrate.
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