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Concept.png Orwellian language 
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Founder(s) George Orwell
Language chosen to hide rather than expose the truth.

Orwellian language is language chosen to hide the truth, especially language which inverts the truth.


The phrase is a refence to George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four, a dystopian novel about a totalitarian superstate which uses perpetual war against one or both of its two competing superstates to keep the large majority of its population in poverty and ignorance.



Page nameDescription
"Counter-extremism"Like "counter-terrorism", supposedly a force to counter "extremism". In practice, such efforts deserve closer scrutiny, not least because of the plastic nature of the word "extremism".
"Counter-terrorism"A component of the military-industrial-terrorism-congressional complex which has seen a dramatic growth since 9-11.
"Free market"The neocon economic system.
"National security"Like the idea of 'Patriotism', the notion of 'National Security' is one designed to bind all members of a society together. By evoking fear of its opposite it creates a suitable psychological frame for the abdication of personal responsibility to the nation state. In the 21st century, the concept is repeated like a mantra in en effort to justify ever more opaqueness in the workings of governments tired of legal restrictions such as rights of their citizens.
"Non-violent extremism"An enemy image used to try to justify violent repression of those who advocate non-violent change.
"Radicalisation"Together with "extremism" this word is one of many which deep states are seeking to use to demonize dissent by equating truth telling and earnest inquiry with violence, as a tool to facilitate internet censorship.
"Security service"The phrase "security service" is used to describe groups which, often explicitly exempt from national laws, carry out not only intelligence gathering operations, but also assassinations and murders. This article clarifies why the phrase "security service" is not used in this way on this website.
Integrity Initiative"An extremely shady covert disinformation and anti-democratic deep state outfit" that was caught promoting Russophobic propaganda and later deleted its website.


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